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  1. dgage

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    And here is the picture of Brandon's previous setup that we knew and loved. The speakers on the left and right are Danley SH50s and the center is a Danley SH96 I believe. The 4 DO boxes have the old popular Stereo Integrity HT-18 entry driver that so many used and still do. Really was a nice setup. His current setup has some nicer JBL 4637 speakers and one of Josh's SKHORN subs.
  2. dgage

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    Haha. Very serious. I don't like dual-opposed subs for that very reason as too many times I've seen/heard them with one driver facing out into the room and the other firing into the wall. And since both drivers, now with completely different phase and frequency differences, are driven by the same amplifier/signal, you have to DSP them together. You'll never get an optimal setting that way and what I usually heard, namely smeared sound bears that out. However, if dual-opposed subs can be placed along a wall and one driver isn't firing into some object, they can work well. However, I just don't feel that their advantages outweigh their disadvantages in placement with the primary advantage being an inert cabinet since the drivers cancel out vibrations. A well-built sub doesn't need dual-opposed drivers to still have a strong, vibration-free cabinet. Now I've heard one setup with dual-opposed subs that was about the best setup I've heard and you've heard it too, which is Brandon's dual-opposed setup. His quad boxes were placed optimally in the front corners at a 45 degree angle to the side wall and front wall. Add in the fact that he had one pair on the floor and the other pair stacked near the ceiling on top of his speakers, he had one of the best front-sub setups available and it sounded like it. I looked for a picture of the setup he had then with the Danley's but couldn't find it. I'll see if I can get him to send me a picture. By the way, this post is sort of ironic as I'm thinking of offering a dual-opposed subwoofer that I was previously opposed to, primarily because a customer wants it to be able to place it correctly parallel to a wall.
  3. dgage

    Paradigm Persona Sub

    I have 2 concerns with that sub. 1. Where are you going to place it so that you don’t have potential phase issues with some sound coming directly off of the drivers while other sound waves will bounce off of the wall or furniture? 2. They mention 12 Hz output in-room, which I can believe but I’m concerned it might not be very loud and impactful. 3. And just thought of a third when I found the price. I think you could do much better with some of the Internet-direct 18” or similar subwoofers. Funk, JTR, PSA, Seaton, or Deep Sea Sound would probably perform better at a much better value. FYI, I started Deep Sea Sound.
  4. dgage

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Now you hold on. Don’t mess with my fake sounds in space because I love said rumbles. And can you imagine how boring a space movie would be without sounds in space. Duh!
  5. dgage

    Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Me thinks you’ll fit in just fine here. Welcome.
  6. dgage

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Space physics! Duh!
  7. dgage

    Othorn - HT capable?

    Haha. Yes my definition of a smaller subwoofer is completely asinine. I think my skewed definition took hold when I first heard the SI HS24. Lol! Now I often have customers contacting me wanting a single 24 and I’ll often try to steer them toward a pair of “smaller” 18” subs for more even bass response. But really, a pair of 18” sealed are really impressive with output easily in the 120s with the ability to play down to 10Hz flat in room. Of course the room and more importantly, the floor have a huge impact on how impressive the sub system. Large sealed subs on a wood floor are oh so impressive but not nearly as impressive on a concrete slab.
  8. dgage

    Othorn - HT capable?

    I've stayed out of this conversation since I'm not a ported or horned guy and haven't heard a horn in an optimal setup yet. But for me, multiple smaller subs is preferred and recommended to get more even bass response in the room. Regarding how bass is perceived, if we compare an 8" midbass driver with a 12" midbass driver at the same volume, the impact of the 12" is noticeable over the 8". I'm not sure what the physics are but I liken it to a towel being snapped, maybe the 12" snaps quicker because it doesn't have to move as far as the 8" driver to reach the same volume. However, I haven't noticed a difference in impact between my 18" and 24" sealed subs so maybe the impact doesn't translate at (much) lower frequencies or I'm not doing it right.
  9. dgage

    Horn length extension on Othorns?

    Geez, just wall it off and get a rotary sub already. Now that is some bass headroom!
  10. dgage

    Rockford Fosgate T3 19 discussion

    This is what I make my wife and kids wear when watching a movie with me. And it’s what I wear when doing any work around the house or shop. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NKSMPZW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 David
  11. dgage

    Xarion Laser Acoustics

    Can you tell us by how much we can’t afford this?
  12. dgage

    Woofer for 40-250Hz?

    Many people have used the JBL 2242H and 2226H drivers for midbass both sealed and ported. They are solid drivers, easily available on eBay, but I don’t know there is anything that sets them apart from the BMS or AE, especially if they are more expensive or harder to get. And I’ve also used the AE for midbass drivers and they are really nice too.
  13. dgage

    Woofer for 40-250Hz?

    I have similar JTR 212 HT-LP and use the JBL 2226H drivers. I actually bought a bunch of JBL 2226H drivers for a project I never got around to and need to put them on eBay. Really impressive midbass in a pretty small cabinet though that AE cabinet looks pretty modestly sized for this board.
  14. dgage

    B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    You act like you know so much about Obsidian. Hint - Electrodynamic was also the owner of Obsidian but decided to combine the car and home audio offerings under the Stereo Integrity brand.
  15. dgage

    B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822

    I was thinking of my follow up response. I kept thinking, sure a couple 18s would be phenomenal and may fit into his budget now. If you were to buy 4 HST-18s, you’d have one of the best subwoofer systems on the continent. Or a pair of HS-24s would do the same though the quad 18s in the corners would provide more even bass in most rooms. Realize that we’re talking about bass systems in the top 1% in the entire world. That is going to cost some money but then again, is a value compared to what most uninformed consumers pay for their “high-end” audio equipment. Either way, this system should last you 10 years and likely many more than that so I’m of the opinion to save your money and get what you want. Or even better, start with a pair of 18s and add a pair of 18s later and you have almost the equivalent of a pair of 24s and more even bass. Or buy a pair of 18s now and add a pair of HS-24s later where the 24s would be up front and the 18s in back. And if you want the real deep bass and smaller cabinets, that would be sealed and I oh so love the sound and tactile feedback of my sealed 18s and 24s. Then again, if you’re not interested in single digits or are on concrete, then a ported 18 may be the way to go. You’ve definitely have some options and won’t go wrong listening to the experts on this forum.