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  1. Maximum horn compression ratio?

    Thanks for the lesson guys. The knowledge level here is amazing. I know that's pretty basic for you guys but I'm just fine with having other people design drivers for me and with knowledgeable people like all of you, can you blame me.
  2. Maximum horn compression ratio?

    How are we comparing motor force? The Bl for the HST-18 is higher than the Ipal. But you also mentioned efficiency, yep, different ball park and design goals. Sorry to take this off topic as I was just wondering. Definitely not trying to say one driver is better than another.
  3. Maximum horn compression ratio?

    I understand the HST-18 might not work in your situation but I’m a little surprised by the comment of not enough motor force. Are you referring to the mkII driver or the original as the mkII uses the same magnet-motor as the HS-24 mkII. And the HST-18 mkII is an 80 lb driver, mostly magnet. I’m not trying to be defensive or suggest that the HST-18 is the best driver ever but I want to know what drivers you’re looking at if you consider the HST-18 MK II to have low motor force.
  4. Maximum horn compression ratio?

    In my 18” subs using the HST-18, I allow almost 4” above the mounting surface to allow for excursion before the grill.
  5. Need help with "bass" project

    Haha. Thanks. I'm going with something similar. I ordered a Raspberry Pi and will use that with a small USB audio interface to output to an amp. I made some high-frequency files and have a remote control I will use for control. I ordered some inexpensive piezo horns from Parts-Express (https://b2b.parts-express.com/grs-pz1165-4-3-8-piezo-horn-tweeter-similar-to-ksn1165a--292-446). Now I just need time to deploy it. I also did get a chance to talk to the mom (didn't care which parent) and had a frank but cordial conversation. After she had recently said to my wife that the dogs are good dogs, I had to point out that I don't blame the dogs one bit, they're doing exactly what their owners allow them to do. Since that conversation, things are much better though I still need to get the contraption out there to help persuade them to stop barking though at least they aren't left outside as much. And again, this is meant to address specific behavior, I don't want to harm the dogs in any way as I'm a huge dog lover. My dog is 17 years old and when he passes, I'll probably be crying more than my kids will be.
  6. Funny that many in this forum are among the very few in the world that could actually faithfully reproduce such a recording. Really wish we could get a quality recording of one of the launches. Would be phenomenal.
  7. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    Did you read where we found out Lone Survivor's minute-plus long helicopter scene (ch 4-6?) had a 6.7 Hz pseudo sine wave about 10 dB hotter than the rest of the sound track? Almost blew up 2 of my test Mariana 24s that didn't have limiters. Apparently sound engineers don't know what a spectrum analyzer is either.
  8. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    You're getting real close to being that old guy yelling "get off my lawn." "Back in my day..." LOL! But I agree. One of my favorites is still Dire Straits - Money for Nothing as it was one of the first CDs where I could tell it was recorded better than most of the other records of the day. Dynamics in spades.
  9. Bulding the Room2 listening room

    Thanks for the PM Kvalsvoll! Responded.
  10. Bulding the Room2 listening room

    Sorry to take it off topic with the sound velocity meter but I really didn't as I've noticed what you described above as well. Why does a 12" midbass have more impact than a 6"/8" midbass when played back at the exact same sound pressure level? I've asked multiple times, at least on AVS and I haven't ever received a satisfactory answer. I was hoping measuring the velocity would help point me in the right direction so I can understand this phenomena better. If you have ideas on the physics, I'd love to hear it. And I'd love a pointer to a thread (couldn't find the one you referred to) on a velocity measurement kit to build or device to buy. Purchase depends on cost as well as if that will help me understand this size difference better. Thanks.
  11. Bulding the Room2 listening room

    Sound velocity meter? I'd love to measure sound velocity as well as pressure. Tell me more please.
  12. JTR Speakers Captivator 118HT

    Yep, you had me thinking...aluminum, concrete...hmmm? Only $25K. A bargain.
  13. You mean I don't have to warn people anymore like I do every time I put in John Wick? Lol. I bought Kubu but haven't watched it yet. How To Train Your Dragon is also one of my favorite demo scenes.
  14. [ spoiler ] to open and [ /spoiler ] to close, just remove the spaces. https://forums.somethingawful.com/misc.php?action=bbcode Edit - might want to Preview the post to make sure it is working correctly.
  15. Or dig a hole in your yard or a field. That's what I have planned when I work on some speakers. Either that or rent a boom lift for a weekend.