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  1. Shreds, I don't remember seeing SL of these oldies but goldies. DVD's are fine if no blurays available. U571, Titan A.E. and Serenity. Thanks man.
  2. Thanks for posting. Watched this in family room system, the first viewing, and through the tv no less. This soundtrack was a stunner the second go around. Filled with dynamics and depth. Starting from the journey to Tomorrowland, then the robots on arriving, the rocket launch off the sled really got my attention. Then the Blast from the Past battle, the front door and android assault at Clooneys home. Then pod hatch closing and Eiffel Tower launch. On and on. Very good demo disc.
  3. Okay, this makes a lot more sense now I think. You guys talk a lot about bass but never mentioned the type of rod or lure used.
  4. Nice job Shred and Max. The fact that my 93 audio drops out with Atmos ST's, even though I'm only 7.1 at this time, is an irritant. Even though this problem doesn't effect me because I HDMI everything its still unacceptable. As I was about to place an order for a 103D, I'm now also looking at the Marantz 5007/7007. I've heard their a step up audiowise. Too bad as they have stellar Vid performance, or has that changed as well.
  5. I did get that and appreciate it. I've taken a break from the testing for a month to get some much need thing accomplished so will look into this further at then. Thanks very much for this.
  6. You could go with 4xSI HS24's and call it a day. With Vented or Sealed cabs they'll match up well.
  7. Not so much to prove anything but just for the entertainment factor. All these GTG seem like a weekly thing out east. The Rockies might as well be the Berlin Wall for us Cally's. I don't need to see everything obviously, Seeing you eat those burgers Beast was talking about is just gonna piss me off. But some of the crazy stuff would be cool, people reactions, meter peak readouts, whatever you desire, well try to keep it PG13. Anyway if you wanna edit it after for high production value or do a live podcast I'll take it.
  8. I've always preferred no eq over any eq when taken from the MLP. Its amazing how we can lock into one persons dialog even in a room full of loud music or many people talking and block out the rest. To a certain extent, I guess its the same with direct vs reflected sound. I never heard of this method of close mic'd EQing used in a home theater environment. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Better or worse than Elysium? District 9 just set the bar to high.
  10. I was gonna do that but I said to hell with that and just bought Ryan's speakers instead. I'm so glad I took the lazy way out.
  11. Skype it. That's the word I was looking for.
  12. I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth that.
  13. So if I show up, your not gonna ask for my passport and fingerprints are you? Here's an idea, podcast it. Use whatever for cameras, cells , iPads, laptops, whatever. You can gets those cams for next to nothing. That would be nuts. Worlds first, afaik. I guarantee if be watching. Just a thought.
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