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  1. This is hardly a ULF monster when compared to Hurt Locker, 9 and Hellboy 2. However I must admit it is an engaging soundtrack.
  2. Very nice movie and sound mix. Though the bass was better than many non-stop action flicks.
  3. Finally watched this. Except the soft PQ, the rest were kick ass. I enjoyed the SQ better than MI Rogue Nation. Can't wait for the sequel although a prequel would be more appropriate.
  4. So a 5.1 track can have tremendous bass but a 7.1.4 must not because it needs more headroom? Really?
  5. But this track doesn't seem to be loud as per the numbers posted above? 16 Hz is the best my sub can do. So looks like this mix will be on the sweet spot for me. I bet tbe figures will be identical even with the lossless encode.
  6. I thought the levels were inconsistent as some scenes sounded way too louder even at lower volume. Did you mean increasing the SW level in the AVR by few dB?
  7. I thought the mix was way too loud with overpowering surround effect. LFE is there but it doesn't dig deep where it is supposed too. Overall a very inconsistent mix.
  8. I like this mix despite the so called clipping. There are plenty of scenes filled with pressurised bass and a bit of ULF. Also the surrounds are super active and used excellently.
  9. Bass is there but it is tight and filtered which is sad.
  10. I thought this had enormous amount of bass and ULF. Can't praise the bomb drop scene at the beginning enough.
  11. Superb dynamic mix but I don't think this was a bass fest. To be frank, it was only subtle and never felt hard hitting or pressurised like JW or The Incredible Hulk or WoTW or even animated flicks like The Incredibles. Maybe I shouldn't have played the first bomb drop scene from the Wolverine prior to watching this.
  12. The bass on this is not even remotely close to The Wolverine or First Class. SW and Centre are at 0dB. Am I missing something here? Sub is SVS PC-2000
  13. I don't have any major problems with bass and ULF. However the effects sounded muddy having any impact despite dialing up the volume by 8dB. I am surprised this gets a 5 stars for dynamics. Take Ant-Man or Iron Man or even the first part, the action scenes have a nice impact pushing your systen which is seldom seen here.
  14. Nice flick. Very good bass but wish it lasted longer.
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