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  1. https://mag-cinema.com/image/catalog/Cinema/MAG-THOR.pdf looks decent
  2. knock knock who´s there? it´s 2020, we want to see M-force
  3. http://www.gascaraudio.com/produkter/comp32extreme?lang=en VAS: 990.3763L Qts: 0,4431 Fs: 18.99Hz Reasonable size 0.5Q sealed box
  4. not bass but has la la land been measured? i watched it +10db over basic "transformers", felt overkill dynamics
  5. just buy them m-forces or 21" ipals and drive them paraller godspeed neighbour, im home
  6. i hope someday you find M-force to test for. waiting to see M-force in a proper 44hz tapped horn in car DbDrag scene too, of course one m-force cant beat 10pc 18"
  7. around 4000euros is it more than M-force?
  8. http://ground-zero-audio.com/components/com_jshopping/files/demo_products/Germanator_2017.pdf here is the one to test for
  9. not mine sorry http://avforum.no/forum/diy-do-it-yourself-/139036-bygging-av-othorn-med-speakers-ipal-21-a-2.html from norway of course text says during testing neigbour from 500meter noticed glasses vibrating and came to see whats happening
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