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  1. Define sound quality? Lowest distortion level? Perhaps the now off market LMS-5400, but most likely 4 Dayton HO 18" drivers would have lower distortion levels at any given SPL level for about the same driver cost. If Aurasound was the one to disprove 18" subwoofers don't sound bad for music - then you should buy an Aurasound. I guess nobody else has good sounding 18" drivers. Realistically - don't get too hung up on 'sound quality' for a subwoofer. Capability, as it relates to your expectation, is a more important term and that can come from buying robust drivers with properly designed/mated enclosures, or multiples of inexpensive drivers with properly designed/mated sealed enclosures. The end result isn't too dissimilar from either path. With the lesser expensive 18" you have more of them to keep the distortion profiles low. I've been in home theaters driven by LMS-5400 Ultras, and I've been in rooms with 8 or even 16 SI HT 18". Both can sound equally great. The times when a subwoofer sounds bad is either bad integration (time alignment/impulse response or poorly integrated EQ) or poorly designed/mated enclosures to the servicing driver's parameters... Take a look at that glittersub linked earlier. http://www.parts-express.com/titan-15-purple-glitter-cone-yellow-surround-woofer-4-ohm--299-1054 To properly mate an enclosure to this 6lb monstrosity in a sealed box with an FS of 30hz says you need an 8 cubic foot sealed box. Nobody using this thing is putting it in an 8 cubic foot box. So the rolloff point is going to be much higher. Someone won't realize that buying it - will drop it in a way too small box for those driver parameters and say it sounds like crap. That driver isn't a good driver by any stretch of the imagination (3.5mm xmax on a 15" - ha) - but build the box appropriately and it'd probably surprise you with what it would do for a $15 driver, at least be a wee bit surprised instead of disgusted.
  2. Watched this one within the last month - bass was soo loud I had to keep turning it down. My wife and I both thought the bass was over the top. The only bass that was noticably cool to me was the intro scene bass beat in the carnival. (It actually surprised me with the first beat) The rest of the movie just seemed overly loud and mediocre. 3 star, rent. I thought this was probably Daniel Craig's weakest Bond Movie.
  3. I watched both Star Trek reboot (2009) and Star Wars Force Awakens within the same week. No question - I personally enjoyed the bass more on the Star Wars movie. The Kylo Ren interrogation scenes were especially fun with nearfield sealed subs! I knew there was sub 20hz content by feel, before I ever read about it. I only get that sensation off the nearfield sealed subs. 5 star for the bass by my vote. B+ on the movie itself.
  4. I just watched this for the first time tonight. I rated it avoid. Too many inconsistencies in the "science theory" to like this one - the movie didn't even try to keep consistent rules about the suit's ability. He's supposed to have all his weight and strength in the suit, but just insect sized. So why did the 1" water in the tub knock him down? How can he ride flying ants if he weighs ~170lbs?, how can he walk down the barrel of a gun held at arms length by a man? How can he fly up to a rocket going hundreds of mph on an insect? I didn't look up any movie plot holes, but this ones got em in spades --- sadly so many I couldn't enjoy it on the first pass. I can enjoy the typical Marvel movie, or suspend disbelief for most fantasy movies, but consistency has got to be there ---- and they didn't even try for consistency in this movie. Sound was okay. Bass was okay. DTS-x ceiling speaker upmix worked well as reported for DSU or DST-X. Movie though? Meh. Rent, or just avoid IMO.
  5. An exceptionally enjoyable film, with fantastic sound all around!
  6. Saw this in the AMC Prime theater. I didn't enjoy the movie enough to watch it again - regardless of the sound. So I won't vote because I haven't experienced the movie at home - but this movie was cheese to me.
  7. In my opinion - this had one of the best, most fun audio tracks I've ever experienced. It was Atmos, (I watched it in 7.1.4 with 8 sealed 18" subwoofers) the bass was intense, varied, unique, and fun! I REALLY enjoyed the soundtrack! I enjoyed the movie too. I rated it 5 star and though I rented it at first through RedBox - it was a immediate buy for me.
  8. The dam burst scene was really quite incredible, and a cut above the rest of the film in my opinion (as far as fun audio intensity) - having just watched it a couple nights back.
  9. First movie was the best of the series I think too! I wish they would have cast a different lead actor and actress for the role of Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler. I wasn't really fond of either of their performances. They pegged the other characters as good as one could hope, John Hammond, Malcom, Nedry, etc. Even the kids did fine, but something wasn't clicking for me on the original with the main two leads --- and it made what is probably my all time favorite fiction book, into a movie that also fell a bit short for me. JP 2, and 3 were both pitiful. Sad because the books are fantastic. Michael Crichton remains probably my favorite author.
  10. How come only some of these get turned into full threads? I forgot Shredhead has posted this one. I listened to the Atmos track on Terminator Salvation, and it was one of, if not my favorite audio experience of all time. The bass was excellent, deep, textured, varied. It was an audio treat IMO. I watched Pixels too and I thought the new Terminator was far more fun bass/audio than Pixels, even though Pixels gets a lot of compliments for its bass track.
  11. Having just watched Terminator Genisys in my theater right before this one - this one was a disappointment. I'm looking forward to the thread/captures of the Atmos soundtrack for Terminator Genisys. I thought the bass on Genisys was some of the best I've ever experienced. It had several scenes where my nearfield subs were wobbling the chairs pretty good - even one impressive scene just based on a lower volume, but very deep feeling/hitting music soundtrack element. Lots of interesting sounds, lots of textured bass if you will. I felt like Jurassic Park bass in comparison was mostly 30hz thudding footsteps, and I found myself getting bored of the bass in Jurassic Park as the film rolled on - or maybe that was just bored of the movie - even just watching it for the second time. I may be somewhat alone on this, but I really didn't think this new Jurassic Park was that great of a movie. I won't condemn it, as there are those that obviously liked it here - but for me - it's a rental and a 3 star. My bass affection isn't all about loud anymore. Loud is good, and I do like a dynamic peak as much as the next guy --- but soft and deep and nuances that make you think wow that was low are fun too. Genysis seemed to have several of those in my recent and first viewing as a rental. I ordered the disk and will watch it again soon.
  12. Nice looking numbers. New 20hz to 100hz output champion. Good, usable output to 15hz. It easily covers the wheelhouse of a home theater subwoofer system. Congrats Jeff Permanian. That's a good looking product for sure!
  13. I have a suspicion this might be in the interest of showing the 212HT/HTR - etc aren't lacking in 'mid-bass' as is a occasional discussion on the JTR thread. With that much headroom, you can EQ them to any amount of midbass you desire in your own personal setup. Check out them compared to the LMS-5400 in a sealed enclosure for instance. Above 55Hz the 212HTR start to significantly have more bass available than arguably the best 18" subwoofer sealed. They have zounds of headroom actually...
  14. Ironic, It's usually this forum where everyone says the bass is disappointing on a movie, where on AVS people are saying how it's so awesome cause their 10" ported SVS sub knocked their teeth out. On this flick it's the reverse. The AVS guys are crucifying the audio on this one, and the guys here are saying it's respectable. Ha, I guess the AVS general rank and file are afraid to turn up their MV? I didn't see this one in the theater, and was hoping to watch it at home. I'll probably rent it first at redbox and see how it plays out. I've read people saying the dialogue is muffled, and the surrounds are inactive too (aside from the bass is too light) --- at least on the avsthread. Did you guys notice anything regarding those complaints?
  15. I don't have the Atmos version of Gravity - just the 3d version. I'd double dip if the 3d Atmos version was available now, but I don't want to reward the studios for releasing Atmos without 3d in the most recent release. The fact they released Gravity with Atmos without 3d, (so you either get Atmos, or 3d, but not both) and then will probably release it later with both on bluray, and then release it later yet again on 4k with both makes me mad. That'd be quadruple dipping if you wanted to get all the 'newest' feature releases along the way. I don't agree with shoddy greedy practices and gimped upgrades which is what they are obviously doing. That said the 3d version I have without Atmos, as you witnessed yourself, is fantastic as is, so I'll probably wait for 4k before purchasing again. I've not yet seen American Sniper. I have John Wick with Atmos and watched it multiple times before I installed Atmos, and have watched the best portions after integrating Atmos, and while the audio is excellent, (especially the club scene) it's not as well done as Mad Maxx IMO. Still by far, the Dolby Atmos Demonstration disk is the best showpiece for the tech IMO.
  16. I can post the links to the troubleshooting threads over on AVS if that's OK, Josh. JD over at Peavey was involved and we played with all sorts of things. In any event they're over on AVS. The short of it was the Peavey IPR2 7500s power supply could not keep up with the highest of demand when driving both chanels driven @ 2ohms/each. This was with (if memory is correct) 7 lbs of boost down low and 9 lbs of boost a bit higher in the form of a shelf filter to create the house curve. Once the IPR2 was only driving one driver it did not shut down, and the driver ran more controlled and tighter. Beast experienced this with both his Crest and Peavey amps as well although I think he had some other things going on too. Antoher option was to remove the boost and the ability to run both channels of the amp returned. When the amps did shut down, it was only during the most demanding material. WOTW for example. 7lbs and 9lbs of boost? We talking about amplifiers or forced air induction systems?
  17. terrible movie - not even worth watching for the great sound - IMO.
  18. Certainly an enjoyable movie, but I'd only give it four stars for bass. Lots of fun engine sounds, explosions etc, but nothing exceptionally deep (or at least deep frequently) that I noticed. I watched the movie with a couple AVSforum friends (carp and jedimastergrant) and a friend from work on with a full Atmos setup (4 ceiling speakers) with eight UM18-22. It might possibly be my favorite overall movie experience so far for audio - but it wasn't because of the bass alone. The Atmos was done really well, everything sounded exceptionally clean. I didn't really feel the wobble effect of the sub 30hz content that I can feel in some of the better 5 star bass movies, but very enjoyable. For the movie we ran it at -5dB from reference master volume with the sub1 bank (5 subs on front wall) and sub 2 bank (3 subs behind the seats nearfield) both 4dB hot. So ~6-7dB hot overall. All three guys in the front row said their teeth were chattering because of the bass. A solid 4 star bass movie in my opinion! But a five star movie for overall audio with the Atmos mix. I thought the dialogue was exceptionally clean - the whole mix was exceptionally clean! Like I say - one of the best audio experiences I've had in home cinema. I'm a big fan of the audio in Gravity too -- I think it might be the only other movie that recently measured up in the overall audio category - IMO. (though I haven't yet seen Gravity in Atmos yet)
  19. Wraith Leader, What, pray tell, was out of context in what I've said?
  20. Wraith Leader, What? No long explanation!?!?!? How very disappointing! What if you post your logic and everyone comes alongside you??? You should try it! Listen, I figured out how we can test your air leak theory. I'll have you and your family over for dinner and a movie, You can take one of my mounting screws out of one of my sealed cabs and not tell me which one. Then we'll see if anyone can detect which cab has the missing mount screw.
  21. He's going to register an account and plea his case he told me. He thinks "you all knuckleheads" (typical phrase he uses) are wrong. If he tries to change his story I'm going to call him out. We've argued about this for months. I had him approve my original post as neutral before I posted it so it could be evaluted as it was without trying to bias the question. He's probably writing up his defensive dissertation as we speak. He told me that people in real life can't hear an air leak like that, that even if it could be measured it wouldn't be noticable. This afternoon, he assured me he could drill a 1/16" hole in one of my 18" sealed UM18-22 cabinets and I wouldn't hear it, or be able to even tell. I told him I would absolutely hear it because it would whistle Dixie when I turned my subs up. (I had three of my sealed subs not seal on the first attempt at moutning, and you could easily hear the air whistling behind the rubber gasket! - so I know the cab seal is important!) I told him - - - perhaps if you are running some sort of low excursion radio shack subwoofer driver you might not notice air leaks, but with a high excursion woofer or a powerhouse horn sub you are going to notice an air leak easily. The lil mike designed F20 horn pair I heard at HuskerOmaha's meet in 2011 didn't sound that great to me, they were muddy and exhibited ringing. I was told they had air leaks and that the next owner resealed, and retighted all the panels and it supposedly made a big difference. I didn't hear them again to compare, but I was curious how much difference that made. I know with sealed subwoofers a leak matters - both by slightly (or more - depending on leak) changing frequency response, and by the whistle, air rush sound that occurs. I've read some of the horn subs like the gjallarhorn build up pretty impressive pressure in the horn path - so I'd have to figure sealing is fairly critical. My friend commented today there is no way it would matter with a horn sub because it's basically a ported sub and you'd never notice with a ported sub. He jokingly said he was going to build two gjallarhorns and seal the joints on one, and not seal the joints on the other and I'd never be able to tell which was which by ear. Oh and just to put things in perspective. He said they did seal some of the panels at their shop when the customer specifically requested it or paid for it, but otherwise they didn't - because it didn't matter. If they needed to seal a sub at customer request, they would use a hot glue gun to seal the panels, and just the rear panels, because you couldn't get to the front panels when the box was put together. I'm not making this up. Defend away good buddy...
  22. I have a friend at work who states that a horn design doesn't have to be perfectly sealed, and it will work just fine. He says a subwoofer enclosure just isn't that sensitive to minor air leaks. He and his dad owned a car audio business years ago, and said you wouldn't even need to use any type of sealant. He said they used to build their ported boxes with 1/4 crown staples, no glue, and and no sealent with the particle board they built cabs with and the product worked fine with 1000 watt 12" subs, and customers never had problems. Thoughts?
  23. About that Orbit Shifter!!! What a beastie! New records on upper bass eh? I'm looking forward to seeing the OS LFU measured this fall for comparison! I'm with nube, there is no way this won't be good for JTR Speaker sales! Way to go Jeff on your designs and implementations! Tremendous thanks to Ricci on doing this stuff for the community -- man I was really excited to see the UM18-22 measurements go up too! This has been a big week for data-bass! SI 24, DA UM18-22, and 3 JTR systems! Did you have a vacation week or something Josh? Like madaeel, I agree you should put up a paypal link for people to contribute funds! Maybe people wouldn't put in a lot and I doubt you'd get rich, but I'm sure most of the guys here would be glad to throw a handful of dollars your way from time to time to help offset your hosting costs, time, and efforts! I would! As fellow hobbiest, we REALLY TRULY appreciate this stuff!
  24. My thought on that: I wasn't impressed with Pacific Rim when I had the pair of Caps (before I had setup my sealed) I wasn't impressed with Godzilla when I watched it with the eight sealed. (after I sold my caps) Avengers was enjoyable on both alignments - filtered or not. You didn't expect the Caps to play below port tune, nobody did. However, one does have to give props to JTR for that native frequency response, and the high output levels acheived in reasonably priced package - compared to the other ID competition. As a former owner, I will attest - a pair of JTR ported captivators is a powerhouse, and exceptionally enjoyable system. It gave up precious little to my current eight sealed UM18-22 setup IMO.
  25. Tux?!?!? Complaining about flat, nearly perfect frequency responses? The cap 1400 already has massive output - beating anything else at the typical ID comparable pricepoint by bounds from 20hz and up, with the most enviable FR I think we've seen yet from in an ID system. I think it's an amazing test result! Triple A! The flat FR allows for incredibly flexible placement -- you don't have to corner load, counting on boundary gain, or EQ up to get up the bottom end frequencies. Your auto (or manual) eq has a fantastic starting place. Isn't that like the golden egg of speaker/subwoofer design? Woot!
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