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  1. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    What did it look like on a log scale? JSS
  2. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Leave the 30Hz notch in and let me know what you think with/without the notch corrected. JSS
  3. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Yes, the summed result can sometimes be higher than a worst case scenario, when played back at Equivalent Reference. I check for it anytime I do a BEQ. I have not used MSO, but it sounds promising, at least for a good first guess. My long processing times used to be MUCH longer until one of the forum members here helped me out. I am limited on speed mainly by the current hard drive and memory. I am not using a new machine by any means, but it works well, and can run some of the old cmd line programs I need to do what I do with the tracks. I also do a lot in Audacity, and have had to modify several of the plugins to suit my purposes. I'm sure there are better tools out there. When I am doing BEQ, I generally run a trial solution while I do something else, then check the result later, so I really don't spend a lot of time waiting. JSS
  4. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Final pre-post level-matched: JSS
  5. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    The headroom check reveals that the BEQ version of the film played back at +7dBRef (Equivalent dialogue reference), no instantaneous signal peak is higher than 125.4dB. Largest 'extended' peak (125ms) is 118.6dB. Comparison PvA coming later. JSS
  6. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    I still have to do a headroom sanity check on the overall film, but I will. Only 4-5 films I have re-done have ended up with any >128dB effects when played back at 85dBRef (+7dB on the MV). rant/ Most films are VERY tolerant of BEQ, which has led me to believe that it is possible to have unclipped, dynamic, full-bandwidth presentations if someone takes the time to create a film soundtrack properly the first time. We unfortunately have few examples of this. So much of the problem is that most exhibitors will not playback films at Reference; too many complaints of "it's too loud". This sometimes forces mixers to mix films under reference, knowing their films will not be played back at Ref Level, esp for dialogue driven films. To get loudness under reference level, you have to compress/clip loud passages to keep dialogue loud and clear enough if you mix significantly under Ref. What happens if a film mixed under reference is played back AT reference level? LOUD/COMPRESSED/CLIPPED Hell. It can be even worse for HT 'home mixes' depending on the playback system and Ref Level it is mixed at. Was it optimized for soundbar, TV speaker,s, HTIB, or decent HT setup playback? And let us not forget about 'Director's Intent'. I'm talking to you, Chris Nolan, ever since 'The Dark Knight' (though I hold out hope for 'Dunkirk'), and you, Joseph Kosinski (who admitted to messing with 'Tron:Legacy's BD mix, and the clipped hell it was in every channel save for LFE). But I also have to thank Joseph Kosinski. Without Tron:Legacy's obvious clipping, I would have never tried to find out how to look for clipping in a soundtrack. I am just glad we get some decent mixes every now and then. Too many variables at play, and not many (if any) standards followed, with so many various powerful interests at play. /rant JSS
  7. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Anywhere from 4-12 hours per film, with about 1/2 that time just waiting for processing to happen as I think about how to do the next trial solution. Pacific Rim took me several days. That filter was steep and hard to correct. It does get easier, though. I have done around 50 or so films and 30 or so DTS/THX/Dolby trailers. JSS
  8. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Finally, LFE pre-post: About 7 iterations to get this one right, as headroom was at a premium. Turns out my first guess was closest to my final solution. As I expected, <10Hz is highpassed away, only able to be brought back by ever increasing negative gains before BEQ. Tentative LFE Solution: Gain -7dB Low Shelf 18Hz Q=0.707 +5.25dB Low Shelf 18Hz Q=0.707 +5.25dB Low Shelf 18Hz Q=0.707 +5.25dB SME, if you can input that into your incredible DSP, I'd be interested in what you think of the solution. JSS
  9. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Left Channel Pre-Post: I think that is a pretty good solution, at least one worth trying out for LCRS. I'll work on LFE later today, and have a tentative full solution. LCRS tentative solution: Gain -7dB Shelf Filter 30Hz, Q=0.707, Gain=6 Shelf Filter 30Hz, Q=0.707, Gain=6 Shelf Filter 30Hz, Q=0.707, Gain=6 Shelf Filter 12Hz Q=0.707, Gain=6 Shelf Filter 12Hz Q=0.707, Gain=6 PK EQ 31Hz, Q=2.871, Gain=6 PK EQ 31Hz, Q=2.871, Gain=6 I have found in practice I get smoother, more predicatble curves with multiple +6dB or lower steps than with one big filter, especially when using higher Q values, so in this case, this solution could be made into just 3 filters and a gain change. YMMV. JSS
  10. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Center pre-post, looks like a decent solution: The shelves and dip cleaned up nicely. I usually shoot for a flat peak graph, I have found it sounds better than correcting for the avg graph. Others may differ. JSS
  11. Replacement AVR / processor

    Let us know what you think when you receive it. SME/Kvalsvoll, I would be interested in hearing each of your strategies for Sub/LCRS integration...perhaps another thread? JSS
  12. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Back Surrounds: Looks like only 2-3 solutions needed, one for LFE, one for LCRS and if you want, one for LCR and a separate one for Surrounds. The more I look at these graphs, the more I think someone heard the LCRS 'farting' with the content and pulled ~30Hz down to keep it sounding 'clean'. JSS
  13. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Surround Left and Right Similar treatment to these , but maybe a bit more de-shelving from 40-60Hz, depending on how the back surrounds look. I basically try to match the PvAs from my favorite, unfiltered films, and it usually does the trick very well (but sometimes fails). JSS
  14. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Right/Left: Probably will receive same correction as Center, as is usually the case. Shelve up 10-30 to meet 40+ and then look at the dip. I like it when tracks use the upper bass, like that 140Hz hit at -7dB...it generally makes a BEQ better if there is already a lot of upper bass present JSS
  15. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Center and LFE: At first glance, Center will be probably easy. Shelve up the 10-30Hz range to nearly meet 40Hz and up. Then look at the 30Hz Dip. The LFE will prove similarly easy from 30-10Hz, but below that diminishing returns, as it looks like a highpass was added under 10Hz, around 7Hz if I had to guess. JSS