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  1. maxmercy

    Othorn - HT capable?

    Keep us updated!! JSS
  2. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    That looks like a terrific tool, can potentially save many steps in my BEQ process. I will have to check it out. Individual channels can have individual corrections? JSS
  3. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Can anyone contact the JRiver developers to ensure that the Q=Slope? Using slope values for Q would result in a VERY different correction. If there is a difference, I'll edit the BEQ post above to include both Q and Slope values. JSS
  4. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Ready Player One BEQ (Both UHD and BD have ATMOS tracks, this correction was applied to the 7.1 channel bed) All effects that need to gain power/heft do so. I like this BEQ, and this film. Correction: LFE: Gain -7dB Low Shelf 16Hz, Slope 2, +5dB Low Shelf 16.5Hz, Slope 2, +5dB Low Shelf 17Hz, Slope 2, +5dB Low Shelf 33Hz, Slope 0.5, +2dB Highpass 6dB/oct 3Hz LCRS: Gain -7dB Low Shelf 15Hz, Slope 1, Gain +5.5dB (3 Filters for total of 17.5dB) Highpass 6dB/oct 3Hz Let me know what you think, and if you need Q values instead of slope values for the shelf filters. JSS
  5. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Ready Player One tentative BEQ solution:
  6. Ready Player One - Dolby ATMOS (7.1 bed measured) Level - 5 Stars (112.67dB composite) <=NOTE that this is with dialnorm REMOVED=> Extension - 3 Stars (16Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.53dB Execution - TBD Notes - Clipped but decent soundtrack to accompany terrific visuals. I still do not have overheads, but my surrounds are mounted high and some overhead effects were experienced. Possible BEQ for this one. JSS
  7. maxmercy

    X-curve compensation re-EQ

    So what would you do if you had what most people on forums have available: limited budgets, limited placement options, some room treatment, REW measurement capability and limited parametric/IIR correction capability? Would you mainly focus on minimum phase problems in the LF and largely ignore MF/HF, or how would you go about optimizing a system with limitations like the above, given what you know now? I ask not only because that's the way my system is set up, but many others with miniDSP or other DSP components who have had less than stellar results with the on-board AVR 'room correction' products. JSS
  8. maxmercy

    X-curve compensation re-EQ

    I do not follow... How can one correct something that is inherently designed into a speaker (power response), if it does not depend on speaker location? Or are you talking about correcting power response depending on the speaker's location in the room? Is this why incredible amounts of headroom are needed? Is there not a simpler way to do this by changing the possible layout and treatments in the room, or is this correction geared towards getting as much as possible from a current configuration if placement and treatment options are limited? JSS
  9. I'll look at it. I enjoyed the film, but wasn't really impressed by the LF, much like Thor:Ragnarok. JSS
  10. maxmercy

    X-curve compensation re-EQ

    I can see this, by correcting response at one location, you create problems and ringing at others. How can 'precise' correction of a reflection be 'corrected' for many locations? The peaks and dips will occur at different freqs depending on location from the speaker.. JSS
  11. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Pacific Rim 2 is disappointing with BEQ. While most effects gain a little, it was not as huge a difference as the PvA would lead you to believe. JSS
  12. maxmercy

    X-curve compensation re-EQ

    Are these enclosure/horn/driver or room resonances you are correcting? JSS
  13. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    "Is it possible that, even though the aggregate PvAs looked similar, the distribution of low frequency energy between the different channels was different between the two tracks?" This is what I think happened, and constructive interference with bass management took things to another level. JSS
  14. maxmercy

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Pacific Rim: Uprising tentative BEQ: That 10Hz hit skews a lot of the spectrum. It is in an emotion-charged scene. Will screen it soon and report back. Lots of Infrasonics embedded in the LCRS in this one, which constructively make the PvA look very different from the LFE-only PvA. JSS