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  1. That is a significant difference streaming vs BD. Have you listened to each for differences? JSS
  2. Sound card and measurement mic upgrade

    I have a scarlett, and it is great, trouble free, and easy to use with REW. JSS
  3. Wow, that looks like a track AFTER BEQ. Hope it doesn't clip everywhere....should have an incredible Dynamics score. Thanks MrEdge! JSS
  4. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    BH6 was inconsistent, with some effects having very little impact, and others great impact and heft. It's as if there were many sound designers, and some used highpass or shelves when creating the effects, and others didn't. JSS
  5. That is a significant change....have you listened to the new track? JSS
  6. Aura NS-525-255-8a, 30 available - SOLD

    Possibly lines overhead, only two of them, but I want great 7.1 first. JSS
  7. Aura NS-525-255-8a, 30 available - SOLD

    Planning to do them with different drivers, I do not have enough Auras to do a 7.1 line array setup... JSS
  8. New in box, bought while still available at madisound. https://www.madisound.com/store/manuals/ns8-385-4a.pdf All 8 for $150 JSS
  9. https://www.madisound.com/store/manuals/ns525-255-8a.pdf Bought when still available, for a line array project that never got built. All are unused, and kept in climate controlled storage. Asking $100 for all 30 of them. JSS
  10. Used them to power some folded horn subs I used to have. https://web.archive.org/web/20130106153846/http://oaudio.com:80/500W_SUBAMP.html https://web.archive.org/web/20130718212555/http://www.oaudio.com/docs/manual_v1_6.pdf I have them mounted in unfinished MDF boxes with terminal cups for connecting to sub. Originally $239 new Asking $200 for the pair, both are fully functional and unmodified. JSS
  11. Wow....EVERY effect must have 20-30Hz.....quite the impressive 70 to 30Hz slope... Think it clips? JSS
  12. X-curve compensation re-EQ

    Audyssey's Dynamic EQ may do more that that... Best news I have heard in a while; possibly confirmed by my experience with Star Wars:The Last Jedi, where I guessed the level of playback on an opening night showing within 0.5 'units' on the Dolby Box (confirmed by the theater's general manager). Good to know the theatrical/home mixes aren't substantially different at Technicolor (still where FilmMixer is at?). JSS
  13. X-curve compensation re-EQ

    I thought WW was well done but prob could use a little BEQ, but not much. It was very similar to Man of Steel in the LFE channel, IIRC. I'll look at it when I get a chance. Loved the film. Closest the DC Universe has come to approaching Marvel quality (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight excepted). Reminded me a lot of Thor, with the 'fish out of water' plotline. JSS
  14. X-curve compensation re-EQ

    What window did you use? It seems that to get a 'real' picture of what is happening with a PvA for this type of correction, we would need a reference 'line' placed on the avg graph or tilt the average graph counter-clockwise to see deviations from 'level' (a downward-sloping target curve). Main thing I see here are the broad 'boosts' centered around 1kHz and 8kHz. WaveShop is probably a better app to use for these Spectrums, and very fast, too. Interested to see the 'after', and if you can, do a pre-post image shifting the colors for the post. JSS
  15. X-curve compensation re-EQ

    SME, Have you looked at the entire WW soundtrack's PvA full range (20-20) and seen what your changes would look like? What FFT settings did you choose if you did this? JSS