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  1. Even the newer Danley Fireworks files I can find are clipped. I wish we had access to clean versions. JSS
  2. Crowsons and even speakers should be fine, like SME said, the LFE channel will have a lowpass that smooths out the corners. I really only found sharp corners objectionable on a few films. Tron:Legacy and Star Trek:Into Deafness were the two that are the worst standouts. But many films clip. Many times it is not objectionable. For instance, both Iron Man and Iron Man 2 clip a lot whenever the repulsors are firing, but I never found it problematic, as the closest thing to repulsors are jet engines, which clip our ears. But when you clip a violin, or something that is very familiar, it just sounds wrong. Star Trek 2009, for all its accolades, clips the warp booms (WTF are they 'supposed' to sound like?). But they still sound great. At the same time, the film clips hardly anything else. JSS
  3. I can't remember who gets credit for that one, but I didn't originate it. That was one clipped mess. It was horrible. JSS
  4. So much EDM and DnB is a clipped mess (often intentionally), that I think we are almost conditioned to accept it as a fact of life. Some of my fav bass drum hits in some EDM have lots of flat tops.... You cannot ask more of a sound system than to playback what is on the disc, clipped or not. JSS
  5. I watched Kong at -7dBRef (Reference Level per se for my size room, with -0dB set at 85dBC calibration), and no bad noises, but I expected some flat tops based on the listening experience. Not as bad as the 'lunge for the volume control' as in Tron:Legacy, and DEFINITELY not as bad as Star Trek:Into Deafness.... According to MrEdge's graph, GoTG2 has less of a rolloff than the original. That is a good thing. I do not use an LT boost anymore to watch films, as I get very little room gain in the new room. The Crowsons did get a workout, though. JSS
  6. Kong: Skull Island (Dolby ATMOS) Level - 4 Stars (111.38dB composite) Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.84dB) Execution - TBD Overall - TBD Notes - This film delivers bass in spades, especially in the shake-and-move-stuff wheelhouse range of 12-25Hz. Clipping analysis shows flat tops in nearly every channel, Center is most egregious, but all the clipping appears to have rounded edges as if some sort of limiting was put in place like Pixels, so not completely objectionable, like Tron:Legacy clipping was. LFE channel clips with sharp corners, but low-pass filtering will smooth them out. Better movie than anticipated, but it almost always seems that way when you expect nothing from a film. Good surround use, good soundtrack. BEQ should make this a structure-endangerer. JSS
  7. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    Interest confirmed. I have found that in my last room, on a concrete slab, I could hear 8-10Hz without a tactile sensation. It was a 'pressure', more than a 'sound', almost as if your head was submerged in liquid. You can see the drivers moving, but can barely 'hear' anything, no floor shaking or pants-flapping, yet it sounded different. Under 5Hz, I didn't hear anything, just saw cones moving, and probably not enough to be audible (my system is not that capable). JSS
  8. I wish REW had a "show all traces" for the Excess Group Delay window. That way, you know what freq ranges IIR filtering can be used for correction. Another would be an standard deviation or variance trace under the average trace whenever an average is calculated. I may need to post this info on the REW forum. JSS
  9. SME, How do you spatially average? I know REW has an average all traces function, but do you utilize that function and take more measurements near MLP to prioritize, or another way? JSS
  10. The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Kong: Skull Island may be amenable to BEQ..... JSS
  11. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    Very interesting, I'll have to try something like it. So for every dB up on the low shelf, the high shelf shifts down? I have a request, SME. On the BEQ thread, you noted the Vader ship coming out of hyperspace was a terrific transient. Since you can adjust your DSP essentially on the fly, can you try that effect with and without a 10-15Hz highpass to see if the <10Hz content is really making a difference in a transient like that one? JSS
  12. Etymotics to the rescue! I need to find a true IMAX to see it in, though. JSS
  13. Oh man....that sucks. I remember re-doing all the links when the data-bass was small and the first post was deleted, then nube re-did all the links about a year after that. I really don't have time to do it again. JSS