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  1. Kyle

    dB 2.0 launched!

    roger that, I gotta do the mobile css thanks for posting that @dgage
  2. This driver is nuts! I need to see this thing run against the 24vU https://www.harbottleaudio.com/24vu.html
  3. I asked an engineer at JL about 2 months ago for a Gotham... somewhat jokingly (I think its $13,000 or something) negative on that unit so far.
  4. Sure, by no means is this wrong and everything on the y-axis is relative so it does work, just means means its windows to a set of dB that makes sense which is already done. Josh has wanted to add this data to the site for a long time now, maybe its time to get it baked in
  5. I really like this idea and concept of comparing output vs size. I think one shortcoming with this graph is that SPL is on the decibel scale which is not linear, but we can think of box volume as linear. What we should do is convert SPL to Sound intensity (assume sea level for air pressure -- close enough). Once we have a linear scale for output and a linear scale for volume, I think the graph can have more meaning.
  6. Seems reasonable, too much is never a bad thing either, just means it won't clip.
  7. Is there a US distributor for the 214.50 ?
  8. wow! Based on the new sealed system max output tests that Josh just posted it looks like it outright beats the B&C in the midbass region and matches it everywhere else. Both of these drivers are beastly... https://data-bass.com/#/systems/5d02b177d6b2560004ebe49e?comps=5d03f339d349e90004d8fcd5&_k=ok0919
  9. Looks exactly like the older Eclipse Ti subwoofers made by TC sounds, but that Qes is very high so that would be sealed box type of woofer.
  10. Kyle

    B&C 21DS115

    20 is way more than it needs, but keep in mind, the size of the box will help the size of the port. Almost all ported boxes are going to experience compression with enough power. A 20 cubic fox tuned at 20 could have a very large port compared to a box half the size. The hump is going to flatten with compression at higher volume. If you have the space, bigger will be better in this regard, but how much it helps will only show at higher power levels at around tuning.
  11. Make get some ideas from Wisdom,. they specialize in in-wall solutions. TC used to make their drivers for the subs. https://www.wisdomaudio.com/ranges/sub-woofers/
  12. RIP Tom, but this reminded me of his IB https://web.archive.org/web/20120617055921/http://www.nousaine.com/pdfs/Subwoofer that Shook the World.pdf
  13. Normally when subs break things is a resonance dance.
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