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  1. Kyle

    New website (beta URL)

    This is not really a secrete. We are converting all the data over, but please check out our new site. Its a got a lot of visual upgrades and a much better compare feature. https://prod.data-bass.com/ The URL will changed do data-bass.com once we finish the conversion. Josh has done so much hard work, we are really grateful for his efforts. If anyone has a passion for this sorta stuff. I'm would be interested reverberating any help we can get with the data conversion. Please ping me if you are interested.
  2. Kyle

    Questions about othorn,keystone, Xoc1 th18, DSL118 and others

    Nice so are you switching the driver out to the iPal?
  3. The real value of the hard work is probably in the comparisons. New tools for old data! The new site now allows up to graphs from 4 systems to be seen at once. A user can see from the left hand section list which graphs have comparable series (only certain graphs apply). In this screen shot we are looking at the FV25HP and overlaying 3 systems shown in the header while looking at the Max output. A user can toggle on or off other systems (up to 3, rather than just 1 like before). The comparing is also sticky so a user can copy the URL and reopen it anywhere and see the data again w/o re-queuing the overlaid systems. As we populate the data this tool will become the bread and butter of the website. Graphs like THD and compression are very rich in information too but are not appropriate for comparing outside of the system. That is more used as a tool to see how a particular system behaves with respect to voltage. A user can scroll through all of those graphs but they won't be overlaid with other THD graphs as the variables don't always make sense for comparison (voltage and db changes, etc, and the sheer number of series would be unwieldy)
  4. Kyle

    Raw data for just 1 system

    I actually had to go back and re-optimize the new system page because of the payload size of these systems. I didn't assume they would grow into the mb's so that makes some of the rendering updates and ajax calls slow without considerations.
  5. Kyle

    Raw data for just 1 system

    The amount of raw data for just 1 system is over 4mb... take a look at this 4K image (look at scroll bar captured on right side of image!). No one does more data than Josh!
  6. the site is fine, the SSL cert expired for some reason, I'm really putting all energy into new site and getting off old one, sorry for down time. Should be fixed now, let me know
  7. Good question, there is a ratio of 2:1. And the graphs are full width. The max width for the site is 1170px. As far as windowing, depends on the graph, THD is capped to 40% so you'll get more definition in that lower range where it matters more. Once its blows past 40% or so its not relevant as the speaker is useless and the more we stretch out the y-axix, the less we can see in range that matters. The windowing can be tweaked for each graph is need, but each one will generally follow a template as a starting point. The klipsch sub is not bad per se, just not gonna beat out a lot of the higher end stuff. It does look nice, the PR set up is sleek and the sub is pretty clean looking. I can't listen to bass super loud so it would probably be enough for me, but Im sure my TC Sounds sealed 12" with my ~2k watt pro amp would beat it out easily so I wouldn't want to change it out. IMO, since Deon left Klipsch in ~2007, the subs have been been as good. But I do like Klipsch, its one of my favorite brands.
  8. Invision does an image cluster thing for twitter links, its some sorta special thing but I'm not sure if it rehosts the files because twitter might block referrer's that don't match twitter.com. I'm not sure how this works thb. I'll look into it. Also the OC location has 6 subs in the front of the stage, pretty cool for a video game set up. We're all used to concert level sound production but this type of pro sound to watch a video game is indeed cool.
  9. I think what db does better than many other sites / forums is that discussion here can be backed by real numbers. Subjectivity, while is fun to discuss and does have value, can't really run unchecked to the existing data. Now, data does not capture everything, and I will admit that there is a certain adoration I hold for some subwoofers that don't even hold a candle to most things in our list and I'm not shy about it. Its fun to discuss everything, big, small, expensive and cheap, don't worry about getting ridiculed.
  10. doh! that may have be OC location, I'm planing to check out the 1 in Oak soon, if they don't have 2 subs, I'm talking trash
  11. Grand opening this month, pretty excited about the audio set up and the facility looks cool. Not really a fan of CSGO or PUGB (meh) but if they every do Titanfall 2, then we're talking...
  12. I wouldnt say it directly imports the file, but straight copy+paste works. scroll down a bit until you get to a graph and you see the raw data.( Don't worry you can't edit or break it) https://dev.data-bass.com/#/admin/systems/configure/5a8402f03ab1e70004dd6fcd?_k=ywsbj4
  13. The plans would be mostly validated and tested and the user systems would be more about sharing what someone builds (ad hoc, DIY stuff) The photo uploading in v2 is reworked and hosted in amazon web services, it also auto caches regionally around the global so its fast. I further added a resizing tool that serves scaled images to add further optimization so its greatly improved. example old https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=53 new https://prod.data-bass.com/#/systems/5aa37de3cde8fe0004e2753b?_k=p1jr8v
  14. Trying to get some feedback about possible new additions / features
  15. I have confidence