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  1. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    Yeah, the Woofer Tester 2 is pretty nice. I am pleased with mine, I have used it for years. I shared my version of the REW impedance jig that the OP's gear is based on for cases like this where that sort of an investment may not be warranted. It might not be perfectly exact, but it is a measurement of the impedance of the drivers in the cabinet, which has a LOT of value, even with the crosstalk issue. It's pretty clear that the tune is closer to 30 than to 40, which was his target. Odds are, when he takes the tune up closer to 40, the crosstalk will be less severe and the results might look a little better. I have no direct experience with the specific gear he is using, I do have its little brother though (Xenyx 302USB). It's not used in my measurement rig due to the crosstalk. EDIT - my bad - OP is using a UCA202 for the USB input and source. Those definitely have the crosstalk issue we're seeing here. I have plenty of those and know the crosstalk issue very well.
  2. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    Looks like the sound card has the dreaded Behringer crosstalk issue. There's a strong rising response below 20 Hz. That may mess with phase.
  3. Real life sounds - instantaneous loudness

    "Keep the original on disc... and then let us choose to squash it." But, louder is better... It just blows me away that we use such a small fraction of the dynamic range capability of the recording medium. A CD is close to 100 dB, yet the best recordings are barely 30 dB. A Blu-Ray is theoretically capable of 144 dB, yet we see about 35 dB used in most cases. According to Wikipedia, human hearing has a 140 dB dynamic range.
  4. inuke 6000dsp mod for less rolloff

    At least they aren't blue. Blue LEDs need to die in a fire.
  5. inuke 6000dsp mod for less rolloff

    I measured mine (a 3K DSP) when I got it. It was a little better than that, my quick low-level sweep indicates the amp is -3 dB at 5 Hz, which is approaching the limit of the remainder of my gear, including my measurement rig. Fan modding was required, but I haven't messed with the filtering. Heck, I'd repaint it and lose the orange halo rings before I messed with the internal filters.
  6. Yup, soundbars do have their place. That place is "Not in my systems". One can only compromise so far. We only had to destroy one set of "small" speakers to understand that a typical set of small speakers just won't survive in our home.
  7. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Nice work man, nice work. Very impressive results. Far better behavior in the impulse and waterfall than I expected. There you go, raising the damn bar again...
  8. Digging up and resurrecting this thread, cause I didn't think it was worth creating a new one... Anyone else following this little project? http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/group-buys/306322-gb-rtx6001-audio-analyzer-ak5394a-ak4490.html Looks like the dream box I have been waiting for to use with ARTA and SoundEasy. Unfortunately, it's a little bit out of my price range (like an order of magnitude). Still, figured I'd pass it on in case any of you are interested.
  9. Both are important to the overall cake experience, neither one can be discounted. An excellent burst taste test result can be countered by poor long-term taste performance. An appropriate testing and scoring methodology would consider both.
  10. Well, hopefully the ganache glaze will help with the inherently higher inductance that the 4-layer cakes suffer from.
  11. Will that Devil's food cake be Klippel verified?
  12. Thanks. I just spat my drink onto my screen and keyboard...
  13. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    "Guess that's what happens when you try and leave the sealed sub world and go back to the resonant world. You get kidney stones. Happened to Rob, now you. Who's next?!?!" Uh oh.... I never went with a "proper" sealed sub setup though, so I should be OK, right??? Sorry to hear about the kidney stones Luke, hope you get well quickly.
  14. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    I'll second Ricci here, not sure that 2R load is a great idea. Sure, it is a ported cabinet, so the average impedance is much higher, but that minima at 40 Hz might cause issues. Have you measured impedance of the actual build yet?