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  1. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Last box!!!!!
  2. Sound card and measurement mic upgrade

    http://www.rationalacoustics.com/store/microphones/isemcon-emx-7150.html I have the EMM-7101 but it's not quite as "plug and play" as the 7150 because it requires a cable to convert from traditional XLR. What's great about these mics is the FR. For bass frequencies you don't even need a calibration file, and they can handle far greater SPL levels than the typical ECM/EMM/UMM/UMIK stuff. You'll have to research the noise floor, though. Not something I've looked into much. Anything from EW is also fantastic: http://www.rationalacoustics.com/store/microphones/earthworks-s30.html
  3. Sound card and measurement mic upgrade

    Is the $300 range too expensive?
  4. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    How's this going?
  5. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Boxes 5, 6, and 7 are almost done.
  6. Replacement AVR / processor

    I keep my L/C/R trims at -9 on the Marantz and the SW out at -12. Since i keep my amp gains at max for the subs, the input on the MiniDSP for the sub channel is at -25, so anytime I want to bump the bass trim I adjust it there. I also don't use Audyssey.
  7. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    I've been impressed with the thermal handling of the TD18H+. I've sent mine upwards of 1kw for long durations during music and they've handled it fine. The phase plug does a really good job of dissipating heat.
  8. Replacement AVR / processor

    I'm still rocking a Marantz AV7005 (2010). Has XLR for everything and has lowest noise floor of any device in my signal chain. Earlier this year we did a blind listening test comparing it to the 7702mkii, 7703, and 8802 and couldn't tell any difference. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/2670641-marantz-av7703-vs-av7702-vs-av7005-2ch-stereo-critical-listening.html Whenever I get 4K or Atmos it'll be a sad day when I have to replace it.
  9. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    DONE! All links and pictures on the first page have been updated. Using IMGUR now.
  10. Rented Kong last night and I really enjoyed the movie. Tons of bass throughout and the Crowsons definitely got a workout. Some great demo material with this one so I'm definitely buying it.
  11. Forum software update broke some things

    All the links in my amp testing thread are broke as well.
  12. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    This thread was hosed by Photobucket. Sometime this week I'll fix all the pictures and links.
  13. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Very happy with the output! The thought has crossed my mind several times just to stick with 4, but I already have the drivers and all the wood cut for the last four boxes. Not a lot of incentive to finish the last four so it'll go pretty slow.
  14. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Yeah not quite. After finishing #4 I haven't done a dang thing.