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  1. If anyone is up to measure a game or two, I highly reccomend mass effect 3. Though it seems filtered at 20hz, it offer plenty of unique effects that add weight to near most anything you do (be it firing a gun or using an ability.) The first two mass effect games offer content thats full bandwidth, but just not as refined imo. The dead space series also has very nice surround atmospheric effects coupled with abrupt deep bass effects (seems like kind of a modern jump scare staple I suppose). As for borderlands 2 , this shouldn't offer much in the way of spoilers. Acquire the bee shield and a sandhawk gun (sandhawk can obtained from the captain scarlett dlc). The amount fullbandwidth bass each shot from this item combination produces may leave you unhinged (let alone a door or two). Very, very, very high level content across the board on this item combo, I urge lowering the volume level prior to taking a shot with both items equipped.
  2. I also like to dial my buttkickers in to a "set it and forget it" level,but I'm gonna make a few movie reccomendations rather than just one. For deepest and strongest bass transient, I reccomend the red death dragon crash scene at the end of the first How to train your dragon movie (peak centered around 2-5hz I think). Though personally I find The incredible hulk (2008) best for low bass dialing on a buttkicker lfe. During the end fight scene between the abomination and hulk there is a point where the hulk smashes a cop car in half and uses it's two subsequent fragments to pummel abomination. Shortly thereafter, the cop car gauntlets proving insufficient are discarded, and hulk commits a singularly mighty wallop on a pinned abomination. It is within this wallop/punch that a an enormous amount of lfe content (similiar to the dragon crash) is contained. Sort of like a sweep, almost. I reccomend using this scene to calibrate low frequency level instead of the dragon crash (I'm assuming your simply trying to deduce the highest level you can set the buttkicker before it bottoms on deep infrasonic bass content) as it appears to be centered around 9-10hz,though it does extend below this aswell. I reccomend it because (in my experience anyways)the significant 9-10hz content can also quite easily bottom your kicker, and by using this scene you should not have any issue with most any films that dig down into this frequency region. It will also provide headroom for a movie that has content as hot and deep as how to train your dragon. I also wanted to add some suggestions for bass above the infrasonic range. I find tron legacy quite useful in this regard. Plenty of 30hz bass scenes for calibrating a shake level you feel is appropiate to the bass you are hearing. In addition, tron legacy also has plenty of 40hz+ bass in it's daft punk soundtrack which you can use to dial in (if 40hz+ bass is your thing) for a nice thump coming from the music without too much vibrational bleed in that may cause it to be distracting. I personally have struck a fine balance in feeding my buttkicker a signal that permits it to play even into the 75hz range (not for everyone though). If you wish to proceed in calibrating this level as well, I shall merely suggest the opening scene in "the lord of the rings" (fellowship). After Sauron is defeated, a bass sweep is emitted (if memory serves me correctly it is between 75-54hz). If this sweep is just palpable, then I find (for myself atleast) that the level is sufficient on the buttkicker.
  3. If I may, I'd also like to add some suggestions that might make your list. The first being a scene from the amazing spiderman (I believe near the end of chapter 13) where the lizardman encounters a swat team, it has decent length, depth, and amplitude from what I could perceive. Actually two more scenes just from the first amazing spiderman, when he first gets his powers and is sleeping on a train (very strong frequency sweeps). Also the ending scene where he slingshots himself from a crane arm (just for the depth, seems even stronger than the dragon crash in httyd). Also the first dragon fire scene from beowulf is pretty intense. The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy also has a nice extended bass scene when the vogon ships first arrive to earth (their low frequency droning lasts for a while). And though perhaps not as long or as deep, near the ending of cloverfield when the monster fully reveals itself has some pretty high amplitude bass (though the alley encounter scene might definitely prove to be a more worthy choice). Forgive me for the spastic nature of this post, your work is wonderful and these scenes are merely suggestions.
  4. Agree with Max on the 4 star rating. It goes deep and has the amplitude, but something is missing. The lack of microdynamics in certain sound effects near the end as SME mentioned might be why. I did find myself caught off guard by some effects (gunshots on fury's vehicle). Did not expect they would be mixed with such low level punch, though it did feel to be mostly be in the 30hz area. A similar scene to that one (but one which felt as though it went far deeper) was in the amazing spiderman (first one) when the lizard man encounters a swat team (in case anyone is interested the effect is tremendous).
  5. Though the clipping is bad and clearly detectable, I still enjoyed the film for what it was. Certainly could have been done a lot better. Any interest to be had in ford family affairs perished along with cranston's character and the charisma he provided (though serizawa was cool but the burden was too much to carry). Loved the monster design and the unique sound effects offered throughout the film (if the clipping was not present and content went deeper would have been magical). The clipping to me was even felt through tactile sensation. An example this would be when godzilla first stomps his foot in Honolulu, a deep sensation is certainly present (think it goes down to 27 hz?) but it feels like it hits a wall and turns into a crunch as opposed to a wave sensation. Feels like it was purposefully done, as though it matches the circumstance (godzilla's foot smashing into concrete) a deeper unclipped sensation along with the midbass would have provided much more visceral impact imo. Muto sounds were very cool, godzilla's roar could have extended deeper, atomic breath also could have extended much deeper then what it was, and clipping should not have been present at all.
  6. Interesting posts. I'd like to further clarify that the nature of the clipping in the godzilla scene I described earlier, and the first foghorn played in war of worlds is different from other harsh clipping in other film soundtracks (which may even make use of said clipping for artistic purposes). The clipping experienced in godzilla and war of the worlds during the scenes I have mentioned may also have been an artistic liberty, but they are much more distinct in their clipping then most any other film I have heard (where one needs to look at actual graphs to confirm their suspicions of clipping resulting in a harsh soundtrack). The godzilla and war of world scenes I mentioned literally break apart into a static infused mess (even at low listening levels and lasts merely a second or two). These scenes however are unique in either film and may perhaps be the only instances they are heard throughout the film, as we hear more foghorns in war of worlds with rich deep bass and zero audible aberrations. Godzilla also has more female muto cries without the same type of harsh sound as the bomb delivery scene cries.
  7. It may have just been my copy, but I am curious to hear whether anyone else detected any egregious audible clipping on the dts 1.5mb track of godzilla. An example of this I have found to be (spoilers) when the male muto first meets up with the female and delivers the bomb to her, some of her cries seem have harsh clipping baked into the soundtrack itself. The effect seems similiar to the dvd dts track on war of the worlds after the emergence scene where the tripod first lets out it's foghorn cry and very obvious/audible clipping is heard in what I presume to be the center channel track. To double check it not simply being my gear I lower the volume from -10 to -35 and still detect the clipping sounds. Simply curious, if it is to much of a bother I totally understand.
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