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  1. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Apply gain -10dB before filtering, that should leave enough headroom. After applying all filters, you can fix the gain (+10dB), and perhaps give a warning if clipping occurs. But remember that for dsp processing during playback there may be more headroom available, if the dsp is located after master volume in the signal chain.
  2. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    I may be the only one trying to run beqdesigner on linux, so it's like you did this for me, and I feel obliged to test it. I will see if I get the motivation to give it another try, requires some effort to upgrade to the right version of everything, including the right python version. I will report back when I have tried it, and thanks.
  3. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Kodi uses alsa on my machine, and this dsp can use alsa. But it will not work for movies, because audio is sent to hdmi directly as passthrough, for external decode in the av processor. It would be possible to configure to allow software processing if the movie audio is re-encoded to pcm, but then you still would need to extract, decode, encode and re-mux. Options here are severely limited due to the proprietary formats of audio in movies. Which leaves processing post-bm in the bass-system dsp is the best option for quick and reasonable quality bass-eq. This also eliminates problems with clipping.
  4. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    There is no dsp available on the computer. But that is possible to fix, this is a linux machine running ubuntu and kodi, it would be difficult to implement at the time it was built, but there may be options available now. If filtering is done real-time during playback there is no need to do any processing on the soundtrack. This does however require some sort of analysis to ensure no clipping.
  5. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    @SME, the graph files would be used by those who do not have the .mkv file, and thus have no intention of doing eq on individual channels. Or by someone like me, when I just want to watch a movie using the bass-system dsp to do a simpler bass-eq, not wanting to spend hours to do the remaster process. For this, the bass-managed graph will do just fine, and when applying proper eq in dsp on the bass-system there will not be problems with internal clipping. @3ll3d00d, ffmpeg can do the necessary signal processing, filters are available. I just took a brief look into what is in there, and I believe ffmpeg also can handle the remux. The process of applying the filters to the .mkv should be automated, so that you run this as a command after creating all filters and adjustments. This will take some time, because all channels must be extracted, processed and then put together into one new track, at full sample rate, which is then at last remuxed into the original .mkv so that you end up with an additional bass-eq track. Using flac encoding is a good idea here, saves space and bandwidth. This can be done.
  6. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    @3ll3d00d, signal processing and remux would require some effort. First, all tracks must be extracted at original sample rate, then apply signal processing for the filters, and finish by muxing the new beq remaster track together with the original .mkv. Extract and remux is not difficult, you already use ffmpeg to extract, perhaps look at mkvtoolnix for the remux. Signal processing I am not sure of, would start to look at ffmpeg to see what functionality is available, also search for open-source projects. Graph files of movies would be very beneficial for most users, as they will not have access to the movie as a .mkv file, but could still use the beqdesigner if graph files are available. This also prevent problems with copyright issues, which would be an issue if it was necessary to make the sound track file available. Lots of movies have already been analyzed, and if the graphs were accessible in some kind of library, people could find them there, and use beqdesigner with no need to extract audio files.
  7. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    One advice on bass-eq: Bass-eq is not about correcting the frequency response of a movie sound track so that the spectral distribution becomes flat. Bass-eq is about lifting up the filtered ulf so that the level is restored back to what it was before filtering. This can only be done by guessing how the spectrum should look like, and apply appropriate filters. There will be peaks and dips and deviations from a flat curve, depends on what sounds are present in the sound track, and how they are made. So a bass-eq correction should not look like the eq one could do on a bass-system, where peaks are cut down and frequency ranges with too high or too low level is corrected. Though on some movies there can be improvements by cutting a few dB in the 30-40hz range, and to decide what works best, you have to listen to it and correct accordingly. ( @SME also speaks about this in his post above.)
  8. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    @SME, the interest for bass-eq is very, very low considering the huge impact on sound experience. One reason for that is that very few people actually has a sound system capable of reproducing full range with decent capacity and quality. One purpose of this thread was to create awareness, so that the producers deliver better, unfiltered sound in their movies. No bass-eq necessary. Only a few movies deliver that, even today it is rare to see a new release with full frequency range intact. The reason why is that they are clueless - they have no idea that anything is missing in their sound track. No producer would allow a filtered movie to be released if they knew their product could deliver a much better and more involving experience. Most people play the bd and have no option to change the sound track, the only option is to use eq in a dsp somewhere in the chain, and since all decent bass systems has a dsp, it is convenient to implement bass-eq on the bass-system. The drawback is that you can not do individual filtering of the channels. But compared to no bass-eq, this is a good and very useable alternative. I prefer to do individual corrections, because it is better, @maxmercy is very clear on this, he is the true bass-eq purist among us.
  9. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Unchecked the mono-button, and it works, great. Still unable to Add signal, but that is not really necessary now. Some cosmetics - graph display gets corrupted by legend, too few colors on graph signals. Workflow - how you use the app - is very important, so that users easily understand how to use it. Now you must know that you start with Tools - Extract. When you know that, the rest is quite intuitive. Functionality - nest step could be to implement signal processing to apply the filters to the sound track. Then re-mux the beq filtered back into the .mkv. Most people will use hardware dsp on the bass system, so this would be of no use. And most people do not have access to the movie as a file, which effectively prevents them from using this app in the first place. This is something that this app obviously can not solve.
  10. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Seems to work now, but I do not see the individual 8 signals. Extract Audio, then Create Signals, and I get a graph with peak and avg. I can then create filters, and the graph shows filtered response. As it is now, this is a great tool for creating beq for dsp. And it helps creating a remastered sound track because it is much faster and easier to find the right filters.
  11. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Does not run on my system, so I test it on windows instead, no problem. Focus on improving functionality of the beqdesigner instead of trying to support running on a system that very few actually has. It is not that the app can not run on ubuntu linux, it has to do with the effort that is needed to make it work. Now, there is a problem with my windows app - add signal does not work, the graph does not show all signals, and the last release does not create the xys_fl, .., signals. Extract audio works and creates a .wav, but this wav can not be loaded afterwards.
  12. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Excellent, @3ll3d00d, will try this now.
  13. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Does not run on linux - on my system, for now. Which means there is some work to get it up and running, perhaps I will look into it later. Because the idea of this app is great, it can actually end up as a completely automated bass-eq for any movie at click of a button.
  14. Kvalsvoll

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    This is excellent, of course I need to test it. But before I waste my time - does it work on linux, should work if ffmpeg is the engine for signal processing, and the ui is python/qt. The media computer is linux, it is just more convenient to use that one.