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  1. Luke hooked me up with one of the Peavey PVI Portable PA systems. I was actually trying to win one of the lots (Lot 39) with five (5) of them. If I could have won it with the price I had in mind, i was going to just gift them out to my more "social" friends for parties instead of suffering through them using one of those little JBL Flip Bluetooth speakers... Man! Glad I didn't win the lot. These things are WAYYYY bigger than I thought. I researched it and found it on Amazon here, but clearly didn't look at the dimensions... I mean, it's the size of a freakin suit case, rollers and all...lol. I'll probably bring it to our next outdoor party just to see how it works. I barely had a chance to blink and Luke had the item shipped to my doorstep. Dude, if the timing was a few months in the future I would totally scoop up 8 of those IPR-7500's from you... In the process of buying a house now...
  2. popalock

    The PaleHorn

    Anything with the possibility of topping the OT is worth keeping an eye on... Will be following along Josh. Looking forward to it.
  3. Can't wait for some updates on this beast. I'll be following closely.
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