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  1. Maybe Ridley Scott got the message on Prometheus and decided that from now on he'll make his big budget films unfiltered.
  2. The action scenes aren't very memorable but I was enjoying them as they happened because I was surprised by the pretty great sound work. Two terminators in fisticuffs would theoretically have some low end support. A lot of sweeps, though.
  3. Just got a PB13 last week and this was the first movie I checked out with it. The bass is really clean and powerful it really amazed me and I only had it at -10db. I turned it up to reference for a certain sequence in the climax of the film and WOW it blew me away I thought my roof was gonna cave in. I had already seen it in theaters and was disappointed with the bass. But watching the movie again at home felt like a completely different experience and is a definite buy for me even with the lack of special features.
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