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  1. I thought the bass in BvS was pretty well done...better than most superhero-type movies in the last few years (Winter Soldier being the exception). My copy of Civil War is on it's way and should arrive tomorrow. I'm hoping to give it a spin tomorrow night.
  2. The graph over at AVS looked pretty good. I'm gonna give it a spin tonight to see how it stacks up to my ears.
  3. I felt it was the same way for Man of Steel. Very much a flop in the audio department, especially the LFE....very inconsistent usage, little extension, over/under-utilized in weird places, etc. I'm hoping that BvS will be better with the audio. I thought it sounded pretty solid in the theater so I'm looking forward to the blu-ray when it's released.
  4. I've noticed that too. I've been waiting for the UM18 to come back in stock for a while now so I can build a second sealed sub to match my current UM18. I'm getting impatient so I've been considering just going with the DS4 and calling it a day. From what I've read it seems like the DS4 and my current UM18 should play nicely together (both in sealed configurations).
  5. I have it ordered from Amazon so I'll be able to give it a spin this weekend. I saw it in the theaters and, even then, I thought it had some good LFE potential. Given what you guys are experiencing I'm looking forward to checking it out even though I have nowhere near the bass capability that many of you have.
  6. I would agree with that. I always thought Pacific Rim was a bit 'one note-ish' as in many of the effects were in the same frequency range. I just watched The Winter Soldier last night and I really enjoyed the LFE. It didn't have the depth of, say, The Incredible Hulk, but the effects were very smartly placed and, like you said, clean sounding. I'll have to watch it again to really focus on the LFE but I really enjoyed how it was used during my first run-through.
  7. I'll comment on the bass hopefully soon. I just ordered the 3D version on Amazon so hopefully I'll get it in a few days (crossing my fingers that I get it in time for the weekend). I loved it in the theaters and even there it was pretty monstrous in the LFE category. I'm looking forward to watching it at home!
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