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  1. My wife and I loved this movie. She liked it more than I did, but I like when she likes a movie. We also loved South Paw.
  2. No way!! I am going to have to pick up Ant-Man I totally forgot to stop at BB this week. I have about 40 movies to watch, so I have laying low till I catch up. I might have to slid in and pick this one up though and put it to the top of the list!
  3. Has nothing to do with anything here, but I really have to suggest that everybody see Kung Pow enter the fist! I laughed for days with this one. Talk about cheesy asian films. This one was taken from an asian film that was never completed. They incorporated a film into the movie with voice dubs and characters. By all means anyone that likes this stuff has got to see it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0240468/ --
  4. I finally got around to see this one. I really liked it and had a few bass moments, but nothing to wet the appetite. Probably 2 stars, but I gave it 3. The movie would have been much better if it would have had some sledge hammer bass.
  5. I bought this movie a couple of weeks ago as the blu ray market has been so dry, I needed something to buy. Was the movie that bad movie wise. I see 3 rents!!
  6. I actually thought the movie was really good. I seen it at the movies and could not wait to see it again at home! I mean there is only so much you can stuff in a 2 hour movie. There is so much to cover about his life and I think they did a good job with that from his childhood, to his wife and to his time in the military and even some time with him chasing another sniper. But movies are no different that speakers, you have to watch and give an opinion and there are different reviews all over the board
  7. I always vote on bass and sometime the soundtrack helps with my vote. You basically rate the movie with a Buy, Rent or avoid
  8. I really liked Real Steel, Actually the whole family liked it. To be honest I have not watched it in along time and did not see it with any of my current equipment. I remember it having some bass moments, but again I will have to pull that one out and watch it again. I just picked up Back Sea. Any bass to be found in this one? Don't know anything about it, just sounded cool.
  9. Dave, what is the story with the oppo? Is it just the 105? I have the 103 and have said a few times I thought it was a piece of crap, but then the oppo lovers came to defend it. A new BD player is on my list of things need for my theater as I need one for my living room set up and plan on relocating the 103 to the living room when I get a new one. The Denon and Cambridge were a couple I was looking at.
  10. Really good movie, but certainly not a bass movie. I am surprised to see a 5 star?? Anyone else sit and try and figure out what other movie the kid drumming was in?? I did and it drove me nuts, but he was the star baseball player that came to the party in Project X. I loved that movie.
  11. I loved this one two B. Funny you said back to back as I put on a walk among the Tombstones after this one. No bass in that one. I rarely watch two in a row. I loved this movie also. My wife and daughter hated it, but I thought it was great. Great audio all around but I cannot give it a 5.
  12. That's funny, I should rent more movies, but for some reason I just love going to the store on Tuesday and buying that shinny new BluRay. I can say I own allot of bad movies! Lucy is one I did not buy because I read on RT that it was a flop.
  13. Picked this up yesterday, but fell asleep last night before I could get to it. Waiting for my wife to get home as she wants to goto lunch and run some errands and then I am on this one.
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