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  1. Thank you very much FOH. Ive enough experience behind me to know what Im doing, but you can beat feedback like this on products youve never used before. Its a shame the best products are so far away from us, makes t a bit more difficult to just take a punt.
  2. Well they are stated as having 14mm of xmax. I willing to take a punt on them, starting with 2 to begin with. No response on my question in a week, and no reply to my request for a quote on 8 drivers has me a little concerned though. I wish John would learn to run things a little better, surely its not that hard to respond to a request for a quote. I wouldnt actually need to modify my current cabs at all to run the TDH+ drivers, its just that I could build some smaller ones if I wanted, which I couldnt with the SI drivers.
  3. I already have the two cabinets, but the TD15 model I am looking at will work in smaller cabinets. As you know, going smaller in size always demands a compromise somewhere. My cabinets are slightly undersized for the SI drivers, but will be slightly oversized for the TD drive units. This will result in a change in the system as a whole from a high Q system to a lower Q one. This is another element I want to change. I'm chasing sound quality above all else and 4 of the TD woofers will match a pair of the SI 15s for output down to 20hz, which if I am honest is eough for my requirements and satisfaction. Part of the reason for all of this is that currently my system suffers from 3rd order harmonics (some of which I am sure is attributable to the room) and I can hear this quite clearly during certain scenes. I've already sold the drivers, but have them for some time before they have to be moved on, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. As long as the replacements can meet my output criteria, namely 105db flat to 20hz, then I'll be happy with them. I was hoping to buy the new AV woofers from AE, but being based in the UK they are prohibitively expensive. The TD woofers in this respect are nearly half the price. I cant make new larger cabs for the drivers I have now (Though I could try one driver per cabinet), so my choices are smaller cabs, or a suitable replacement driver that will work in my current cabs with a lower Q value, a driver that will work in smaller cabinets, or dropping to 12 inch drivers. I've been looking at the SDX12, which seems similar on paper to the SI driver units, but again shipping is quite expensive. One last thing I like about AE drivers is the focus on low inductance. I used to own the original AV15s and to date they are the best driver for quality I've owned, so a desire to go back to AE comes from that as well.
  4. I'm using SI HT15 drivers at the moment in two dual opposed cabs. I'm thinking of changing them, partly due to a desire to downsize. I'm looking for something that will work well in small cabs with high sound quality, but those of you that know me will also be aware of my penchante for trying something new or different. Has anyone tried this diver or have any thoughts. I'm aware of its sheer output limitations, but using multiples will cure that. I'm using a mini DSP as well.
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