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  1. So, Im finally going to start building my SKrams.... my new room is finished and getting all the sub stuff buttoned up. I have all the pieces CNC'd. Is there a good order to put it together?
  2. Dont worry, Ive had my wood cut for 2 weeks and still havent started building mine yet! Lol
  3. Well, looks like I found a guy to cut it all! He have me a ball park that is acceptable, gonna get final numbers on Monday and hopefully start cutting next week! Though these wont be running for probably a month or 2, still have move and get the theater room done first.
  4. I went to 3 different CNC places locally.... all of them want $1200-$1400 just to cut the wood..... geez. Lol
  5. Lol, well I guess my phone doesnt like this forum... shows a single broken link, no dl.. went to my pc and everything is there... lol. Cool, Im gonna hit up my buddy and maybe we can get these done before my rooms done!
  6. Well, already have 2 x OS pros and 4 x 24s nearfield in the current theater, so my hope was to put all that up front in the new room. Ive got 4 x IXL 18" subs and 8 x buttkickers lfe's to do a BOSS riser and Im gonna need something behind me for face blasting lol. Is there a cad file I can use? I dont know much about CNC stuff but looks like that would be the best way to go on this one.
  7. I think Im gonna build 2 of these for nearfield fun in my new HT room.... Ibe recently decided to ditch the second row of seating and think these would be much more fun down behind me....
  8. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    Not nearly big enough lol.The manifold Is only 24" wide by 40" long. I can't really redo it, as that's the room that holds all my amps and my sump pump. Though now that I'm a nearfield junky, I don't think I could go back to anything else lol.
  9. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    The frame is 8 identical pieces, you bolt them together. And yes the spiders clamp down just like the surrounds. i couldn't tell you how big the spiders were, I had the pics of them sitting in the 18s and 21's on the avs post. They were pretty darn big though. The spider landing was literally an exact fit for the spider. And the 34mm was usuable excursion. I don't know how far the surround would actually stretch but that's what Mark figured would be about as far as he could/would go. I'm sure he will have.some more detail soon about his plans with it and some more idea what will be built.
  10. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    The cone is close to 1300 grams I think Mark said, something like that. it's hard to tell if the same basket is being used by Fsd is the same as the one marks got, looks like the cone is different. It's a modular one. You have to put it together, I've never seen that before but it seems like a good idea for shipping. It's got spots for dual spiders, one then a spacer plate and bolts down and one on top. Marks frame is all aluminum. It's fairly heavy, could be 20-25 lbs. The basket has over 60mm xmech and surround could do 34mm or so from the specs. It's gonna be a fun project, though I don't know if I will end up with one, I don't have the room.for the 34" width the sub will need. Maybe a few of the 24s instead.
  11. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    You literally typed 100's of words complaining about me and mach 5 and now you want everyone to get along and be "excellent" to each other? lol. common man. Thats pretty hypocritical.
  12. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    John, I remember your message asking if I could ship them, you were far away yadda yadda, didn't have the money at the time to get them when Kevin had them, a typical tire kicker message that I got from 30 different people, I just didn't want to deal with you, you didn't want the cabs and I'd lose out on the money from the cabs. Why would I when I can get a few hundred $ more locally and not have to ship them? what person would want to loose money just because? gimme a break man.Just so happens I have the add on Cam ( since I also had an add on kijiji, audiogon, craigslist and buy and sell) that sold the subs... he was coming down from Kenora to pick up the subs a week later and gave me a 500$ deposit. In the end I sold him both subs and amp for 1200$, regardless of what I told you, some random person on kijiji I didn't want to deal with BUT did want to make jealous you misses out Feel free to look up my rating on CAM, ebay.ca, SVTforums or anyone I've ever sold anything to on AVS (go on the JTR section of AVS, I've sold 2 amps and 4 different sets of JTR speakers and everyone was perfectly happy) all 100%. Next time when replying to a add, don't tell the person that money is really tight, they 100% know you're gonna be looking for some crazy discount. In the end, I hung out with the buyer for about 4 hours and really liked the guy, he wasn't gonna take the amp but I said screw it and gave it to him for 300$ and 900$ for the subs. https://imageshack.com/i/p7vXXWIPp
  13. N8DOGG

    32" IST (Mach 5)

    Ya I did sell my 21s, well after Kevin went out of business, about 5-6 years after the fact. Kevin gave me 100$ off each driver and I sold 2 of them, with boxes and inuke 6000dsp amp for 1200$.... Pretty reasonable considering the drivers cost me 1000$ each to bring into Canada and they sold on canuck audio mart. 2 people messaging me offering me more than asking because of the questions asked in the comments section on the Cam add.... Yes I do get to check out/test drivers because I'm one of the few people that has enough power to actually put them through their paces. If it passes my punishment, then they will likely hold up to anyone. I'm a bass enthusiast. I love drivers. You can think whatever you want about me, if you believe I'm a Rep? Go right ahead. It makes no difference what I say, since in your 500 page essay, you've formed all your own opinions anyways... And that's fine as well. Everyone will have some sort of affiliation/preference with one company or another. Yours is obviously with SI and that's fine too, we all have our reasons for liking what we like. Why do I like mach 5? A few reasons, I get to check out new stuff. I have watched him wind my own subs coils, and cnc all the steel for the driver, from initial to final Assembly. How would anyone not love that if your into subs? In the end, it's extremely clear you are 100% bias but condone me for being bias..lol And Btw, I think I will be OK not being invited over.
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