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  1. Could you please add Paddington to your list. Or just measure the earthquake scene as the rest of the movie is void of bass.
  2. Is channel 3 or 4 LFE on the clip.png's?
  3. Nice pun. People still consider Imax sound state of the art, so the voluntary consumption of distortion does not surprise me. The final fader levels at the cinema I used to work in (during school) were also dependent on the prescribed levels by the studios / directors / management, in addition to the staff or the manager. It does make me appreciate Imax's remote sound management and the thereotical uniformity it can achieve with regards to sound re-production.
  4. It took you three hours to realise that you did not like the movie? Voted 4* and buy
  5. It sure is reference status but Oblivion audio mix, to me, is more cleaner and EOT is great as well, but, some sounds do get lost within all the action.
  6. What about Jurassic Park 3 with the scenes dealing with the Spinosaur. Would they fit in the list?
  7. Other than the messy home version mix and the dark video transfer, this movie story is better than the previous Godzilla movies (except 54, 93, 95 and maybe 85). The Godzilla: Awakening graphic novel does provide some back story to the movie. But, compared with modern day movies such as Guardians it does fall short. It did become a generic action flick once Cranston's character died. Ken Watanabe (Dr. Seriawa) whould have taken the lead instead of Ford Brody. However, for the current copy of Blu Ray, avoid or rent is the best option, until WB re-releases an fixed version.
  8. Having watched the movie (Godzilla) twice in a movie theater (ex-Imax 15/70, now with Dolby 6.1) when it was released, I do not remember the audio mix sounding as harsh, muddy or compressed and sounds like a different mix for home release. Are all the graphs for the movie from the actual blu ray/lossless version/torrent or a lossy version?
  9. Slightly disappointed to see the bland nature of bass, and the loud compressed soundtrack does get a little bit fatiguing by the end but the movie.
  10. Can someone please test "The Fog" (1980) Blu Ray (Collectors Edition on Amazon US or an equivalent). The search function did not provide any results. Thank you.
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