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  1. Saw Star Wars in Gold Class which is the premium seat theatre here. I walked out with a headache and bass was average (in the theatre). Never experienced headaches at home and played much louder. This is the only movie I've watched since hocking off my gear. Depressing.
  2. So I have to buyback all my gear just to catch this. Damn! The mountains and twisties sure are fun though:)
  3. Motorcyles! I'll still be lurking from time to time so I keep fresh on the latest and greatest right here. Lukeamdman's "basic amplifier thread" is piquing my interest at the moment.
  4. Enjoyed this site immensely and thanks to everyone who's given advice along the way. Sold all my gear today so will no longer be able to vote! Pursuing another passion. Really great site here and I've spent many hours following other threads because they hold much interest even though much of it went over my head. Bosso if I can get one of your systems to Australia I might be knocking on your door when I decide to get back into it.
  5. Wow I didn't realise how tough a wife can be..... I now know how well off I am after seeing this thread Enders. I just took it for granted when another giant box got squeezed into the living room it was met with barely a murmur. Time for flowers I think.
  6. Have to agree with the comments here but Nube It's classic Aussie English (well aside from a few interlopers amongst the cast). Edit: All good Nube appreciate the work you guys put in.
  7. Sorry guys just a little confused here. These results are a product of watching Interstellar and Earth to Echo scenes with one or more channels of redirected bass (set to small) via the 7.1 analog multichannel outs right? Quite incredible results for such a lauded P.O.S.
  8. Last 30 minutes was really good not much before that. Movie was okay but not enough bass moments to get the five stars from me.
  9. I didn't mind this FWIW. Yes it was over the top but it didn't seem like one or two effects over and over (maybe three or four, ha). It was gratuitous but I liked it for that. Level was up there actually had to turn it down a notch or two after coming off Insurgent. Movie was watchable enough but hey it's Danny Trejo after all and probably one of the best I've seen him in.
  10. Got to this one late. Movie was average at best and five star! Not for me.
  11. Didn't love the movie much but got to give bass the kudos. Has some fairly hard hitting scenes for sure if lacking a little variety but loads of it. I guess that's the lack of dynamics? An epic tale.
  12. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here but cult classic Kung Fu Hustle on bluray had some nice bass moments in it. It is a subtitled movie but a great one at that.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I dont think I will touch the electrics but I know someone who can so easy done. Unfortunately amp outside due to fan noise. Any other amps with similar power that fan noise isn't an issue? I would consider one of Bosso's amps but living in Australia with voltage difference (240v) and getting it here may prove too expensive.
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