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  1. What did people think of the plane sequence in FLIGHT I watched it again last night & it juts comes across as really meh ....Filtered? compared to cast-away plane sequence its so flat.
  2. Please Please Please could you test (2006) The Hills Have Eyes **Remake A great horror remake especially the last 50mins of the movie 8) Scenes I remember that might hit hard are 1.The suicide shotgun blast 2.Doug in the freezer with the chopped up body parts (lol) Be great to know what it measures
  3. Hi nube I finally registered & want to say A big thank you for your efforts So much better than the AVS master list. I know your on the same page as me as I didn't find Gravity Or Frozen amazing at all Although neither were as Bad as hobbit the desolation of smaug. Shame about 47 Ronin. Anyway keep up the good work
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