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  1. Closed, but could still vote, it gets a clear five stars and buy for me. Three sealed 15" subs, and a small 10" sealed sub brought this bass monster to life. The war scene at the end is just crazy.
  2. Will be watching and voting on this one tonight.
  3. 5 and rent for me, hard to sit through this one, it was bad. Bass was great though!
  4. MI Ghost Protocol, watched it again at your recommendation and it surprised me too, some really great bass moments in that film, worthy of the rating for sure.
  5. a must buy! The first five minutes belong in any one's home cinema demo repertoire. Even if not the lowest hitting, it has good mid-bass slam and excellent surround field. Agreed on the sound design of the overall trilogy, with this one being my fave.
  6. Nice Nube! will be adding that to my rental list... I would like to request "Adventures in Zambezia". Based on the one graph posted at the other forum (post 16086 pg. 537) this movie could be excellent. It shows content down below 5Hz...I would post the graph, but have tried now four times and cannot post a link or a pic. Cheers, McStyvie
  7. Two stars and rent for me. Bass was anemic, the story was contrived, and the only thing it had going for it was the decent singing. If you hate singing movies, you will certainly detest this. Seems like every time they turn around, they burst into a new song. My wife and I love animated films, but we both agreed this one does not belong in our collection (of almost EVERY animated film).
  8. Hmm, I will have to rewatch for the surround field drop outs. Didn't notice them the first time around. Was too busy moaning about the lack of bass lol. Agreed on the money grab. This book was a part 1 and part 2 film at MOST. The extra writing and story telling is just fluff to stretch the story line out to three films. Almost like Peter Jackson thinks he can re-write the Hobbit better than Tolkien...NOT...even close. IMO, this is worse than the SW trilogy reboot (which was pretty bad as far as stories go, but the sound mix is pretty darn good considering how old they are now, and it at least has some demo worthy bass material to go along with it).
  9. I know this is closed, but this film got jipped on the poll. This is easily better than Oblivion, yet that got five stars and this only four. Subjectivity rules everywhere.
  10. 4 stars buy for me. One of the cartoons I own that I tend to re-watch every six months or so. Bass is well used, even if clipped, but the story is just excellent.
  11. 1 Star for me. Smaug hits as deep as a .... Bass guitar. How pathetic. Even more shameful because the surround mix is spot on otherwise, if it had good bass, it would just be superstardom...
  12. Center is an absolute must. Your home cinema is castrated without it.
  13. This movie may only be three stars on extension and level, but it is very well done. Skadoosh is fantastic and the movie is worth a buy as it is just such a good film. The surround stage combined with the well placed and utilized bass is why I gave 4 stars for execution.
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