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  1. Wow 3 SH50's. That's some serious fire power Klipsch. Your setup reminds me of this.... WOAH!
  2. Yeah with the 100" screen the subs do look small, but the wife will disagree with that thought lol
  3. LOL Completely agree with you there Jay I haven't posted much, enjoying too many concerts and movies at home. Gotta give kudos to Josh for his exceptional masterpieces!!! <bows down>
  4. Cabs look great Jay. 4 Skrams should be enough. 😉 I should have done all 4 in one shot, getting lazy, now the last two are taking a lot longer...
  5. @m_msAlso another plus for 2 Skrams compared to one Skhorn... My left and right in room low frequency response are different so I can tweak it individually.
  6. Yes I have the skrams setup as left/right stereo and summed both L/R signal to Skhorn. Comparison wise... I prefer two skrams to one Skhorn. If we're comparing one to one and budget/size/space is not an issue, no comparison Skhorn wins IMHO.
  7. Yes it move quite a bit of air when I crank the volume, especially the Skhorn. Skhorn/Skrams are lowpassed right now at 80hz and high passed at 25Hz
  8. Yeah I know it's crazy lol. Probably not as crazy as having a couple of Mariana 24s It's way overkill putting another Skram on top of the SH50. So it's going the back of the room. I like woodworking and have the extra drivers already...
  9. Looking good Zolthoff, how many Skrams are you building? I might build 2 more, my wife noticed I'm bored and asked me "Why don't you build something" Ok you don't have to twist my arm lol I can probably stack two more on top of the SH50
  10. I've asked this same question a page back DSL1 commented that it's just for weight savings. I found it a pain to drill holes with hole saws/or circle cutters so I went without it on my Skrams/Skhorns
  11. Ok thanks Josh, wasn't sure if I would gain 3dB over facing out option. I can move it around and experiment, lucky the Skrams are so much easier to move around than the Skhorn
  12. Would there be big gains by doing 1 or 2? Or are both options pretty much 1/8 space corner loading?
  13. Yes, it's loaded with 21DS115s. I don't think it does 25hz the way I have it setup with all ports open. But it's for music only right now so I don't miss it, but I have so much headroom that I can plug ports and go under 20Hz when I get my HT going. Just loving the extra headroom. I have an extra Skram box in my garage planned for nearfield. But... although the wife is patient with all this, another BigA$$ NF sub is pushing it LOL
  14. Yes it's a small room, I wish it was bigger. Agreed I'm nowhere near maxing it out to do a "meaningful" test. I'm liking the distributed sub approach though and I'm not going to have the skrams powered to have it jumping around. With that said, for home use 2 Skrams will be better than one Skhorn. IMHO
  15. Yes, it's a Danley SH50. Still my go to speaker for accuracy/dynamics after all the years I've owned it. @m-ms I haven't compared the Skhorn/Skrams yet. I just have all 3 going at the same time and it's quite an upgrade from a single skhorn. Crazy hard-hitting dynamics with all 4-21's going, like a sledgehammer hitting the chest. It's a little scary with an FP20K on tap, have to exercise some caution or I'll start cracking/walls and breaking wife's stuff 🤯
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