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    HST18 D2 $399

    Have an HST-18 D2, has been driven by an inuke6k typically 10 below reference or lower, so definitely not driven hard. Price plus shipping, prefer local pickup SW PA. Will drive a reasonable distance to meet. Although most looking at this are probably familiar with this driver, it does(just) hit reference level down to 10 Hz with a compression sweep, underpowered in a 4 ft^3 sealed cab, 2500 ft^3 room. It's a beast for sure but I just don't have the budget for two. Also have original shipping carton.
  2. bear123

    Equipment for sale

    I'd love to have these, would you consider an HST18-d2 plus some cash? I would drive to meet. I'd also trade a PA-460....would be very cool to see measurements on this popular budget driver.