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  1. It is upstairs in two story wood frame house. 28' x 23' x 8' Carpet but room is somewhat "bright" Subs: two sealed JL Audio f113 Fathom subs, -3 dB at 18 Hz, -10 dB at 16 Hz Front L/R: B&W 802 Diamond, 34Hz - 28kHz ±3dB on reference axis Center: B&W HTM2 Diamond, 41Hz - 28kHz ±3dB on reference axis Surrounds: B&W 804 Diamonds, 38Hz - 28kHz ±3dB on reference axis Back Surrounds: Old Paradigms Amp: Parasound Halo A51 250 watts RMS x 5, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8 Ω, all channels driven 400 watts RMS x 5, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 4 Ω, all channels driven Pre/Pro: Integra DHC 80.3 with Audyssey XT32 Front channels and plasma TV are along the long 28' wall. One sub is on front wall and other sub is behind MLP on rear wall but strangely neither is at middle of wall. I used REW while moving them around (what a pain) to try get a good response at MLP. I then run XT32 with a "close" mic pattern around the MLP. XT32 handles two subs "sort of". It measures each one. Audyssey set all XO to 40 except center which got 45 Hz. LPF of LFE: 120 Subwoofer Phase: 180 degrees It sounds awesome (e.g. EoT, FotP) but i think i will buy some HF room treatments. Also, nothing is on spikes or special "pads" but i think i may invest in SW pads since it is upstairs. Also, I use it a lot (maybe 50%) for music.
  2. Which is better: FotP barrel roll or OHF monument collapse? I have FotP BD and was thinking about buying a used copy of OHF BD. The firs time i saw OHF i streamed it on Vudu because rotten tomatoes gave it something like 40% and sure enough i thought it was a terrible movie but the BD might still be good for sub demo purposes. thanks
  3. i searched for "hurt" on first page but didn't find it?
  4. Hurt Locker? There is some low stuff in the first 30 sec of the film when the logos are still going by - sort of like EoT. I guess all the rest are short duration since they are IEDs exploding
  5. Off topic but how about the Mad Max Fury Road preview on the BD? I really liked the way they edited the clips with the cool music - there is even some bass. I think Tom Hardy is a pretty good actor as well. Might be a good one for 2015.
  6. I just re-watched it - very good. Duration not as long as FotP and EoT - but very good - made my clothes move. I will try the first explosion in the Hurt Locker again - i think that one should be good.
  7. Thanks Aj and SME. I finished 9 the other night and will watch second half of Hellboy II this wkend. There are some movies like i mentioned that i find amazing in terms of making my walls and doors make neat noises - very spectacular (like barrel roll in FotP). So i thought these two movie would be the same because they were rated 5 star. For 9, when they blew up the factory with evil machine in it and the cement smoke stack collapsed, it was very good but did not seem as cool as the other movies i mentioned. Nothing in the house really rattled. I think I will sell 9 and Hellboy II - i have many other good movies in my library for both good story telling and for bass and these two didn't really appeal to me. They are good, just not my cup of tea i guess. I just bought them used because they were rated 5 star and I wanted to try them again with my new setup. EoT on the other hand - it is a KEEPER! Loved it! thanks again
  8. i said 4 and i said i think i liked oblivion better - but EoT is a keeper for my library
  9. I bought (used at FYE) Hellboy II and 9 to see if i would find some good bass. I like bass that makes the house rattle (first 60 sec of EoT, Flight of the Phoenix, Tron, War of the Worlds, Hurt Locker). I have watched half of each movie (Hellboy II, 9) but have not really experienced wall shaking like the other movies. Can someone point me to the chapters and timestamps where walls rattle like in other movies i listed. thanks
  10. thanks - i have a good 65" plasma with the active eyewear so i'll give the 3D a shot
  11. This movie definitely gets a coveted spot in my BD library but i think i liked Oblivion a tiny bit better. The Oblivion visuals were stunning. But still mulling it over. Need to watch EOT again (and again). Has anyone watched the 3D BD on a plasma?
  12. I voted 4 stars. The first 60 seconds are AWESOME!!! Walls and doors shake Last night i tried to find some other good bass scenes (i can do 18Hz -3dB, 16Hz -10dB). Some great candidates would have been when the fat guy gets squashed, when Cage dodges the airplane crash rolling over his head but these didn't seem that deep. What about when the blue thing explodes at the end? Where are the other great bass scenes? But the first 60 seconds made me scramble for the remote because i thought i had set something wrong in the system
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