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  1. Replacement AVR / processor

    I will never need to turn my MV up that high, I have downstream processing ( DCX 2496's ) before pro amps. I don't have horn loaded subwoofers at the moment, if I did, that may be a consideration, but it also depends on the latency of your display device when watching a movie, when you start adding tens of feet or more delay to all other channels to match up to a horn subwoofer. Thanks for the insight.
  2. Replacement AVR / processor

    Waiting for a reply on availability, seems the DN-700AV and the DN-700AVP are the same price.
  3. Replacement AVR / processor

    I just checked out the Yamaha CX5100, pretty much the same price as the Emotiva and the Onkyo, MSRP of $ 2499.
  4. Replacement AVR / processor

    Maxmercy, thanks for the insight on the Denon.
  5. Replacement AVR / processor

    I haven't shopped for one in ages, but the only few that caught my attention were this and the new Emotiva XMC-1, however that is a lot more $$ at $2499 for functionality I don't need. Onkyo has one AVR with balanced outputs, the PR-RZ5100, also $ 2399 MSRP. There should be no reason to pay that much for balanced outputs, the circuitry required is trivial, but that is what the market will bear I suppose. For the price of the Denon Pro unit, I could purchase two and have money left over compared to buying the Emotiva or Onkyo.
  6. Replacement AVR / processor

    My ~16 year old AV Receiver is starting to get tired, I had to disassemble it to do some soldering this spring. I am not inclined to pay $ 3K for features I will never use, at the moment Atmos is not on my radar, nor will it for the next 5 years or so. http://denonpro.com/products/view/dn-700av#.WMyEHn_QBco Any experience or thoughts on this unit? Checks off all of the boxes with balanced outputs. Also looking to get a new BD player: http://denonpro.com/products/view3/dn-500bdmkii
  7. B&C 21DS115

    Perhaps, all though I would like to see a bit more compliance than their typically rock hard suspensions, and more throw.
  8. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    For shipping purposes, I would choose the lightest weight driver that would meet your needs, since you have to ship down under. 18XL1800 is 25.8 lbs.
  9. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    Now box # 2 has 4 sides and most all of the bracing glued and screwed in place. More biscuits were used compared to the first one, and alignment of the panels is a lot nicer. Starting on #3, but weather is going to hold me up for a few days. With parts cut in multiples and pre-drilled with the Kreg jig, assembly is a breeze. Also, it helps having 20 pistol grip clamps in addition to the corner clamps.
  10. Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

    Starting assembly on number 2 and 3.
  11. Bulding the Room2 listening room

    Playlist shows up for me, but I haven't subscribed to TIdal, so I can't tell you if you can play from it.
  12. Need help with "bass" project

    How about a small form factor PC with a sine generator> amplifier driving a curved array of piezos, that should ought to do the trick. Here's some application information: https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=hug&m=164114
  13. Psychoacoustics and hearing

    Agreed, humans can hear below 20 hz, but that also requires high sound pressure levels, and can be masked by higher frequency content reproduced at the same time. Agreed, this article was put forth prior to the birth of the compact disc, DVD, DVD-A, SACD, Blu-ray, etc, when only tape, vinyl and shellac were the playback mediums.
  14. Psychoacoustics and hearing

    Last page.
  15. Psychoacoustics and hearing

    Fourth page.