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  1. Scale? 1/16 I think I recall my cnc guy saying...
  2. I trade in MDF so it kinda free. It holds up to a good chunk of power though I was quite surprised and no that cabinet is not for moving around. These next cabinets will be made of the birch ply certainly. Thanks for the good explanation regarding damping too... .
  3. Okay, got ya. Perhaps my net loss understanding pertains more to tapped horns..... Thanks for the reply. Ill be getting a couple of these cut this week probably not built to the week after though. looking forward to it! Will be interesting to do side by side listening to the othorn made out of mdf I have.......
  4. Ricci, I see you added egg carton style foam to the SKhorn's. Did you ever measure to see what improvements this adds? Is it necessary? What your thoughts? I was always under the impression that adding stuffing to subs was usually a net loss in overall output?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I see a few pages back you also asked similar questions with not much reply. I think you are right though you should build another pair for 3 per side;-). Should of got the 8 ohm drivers ha? No just go 4 per side!..... hmm still not the right hieght;-/.... 6 per side>presto! I have building a pair of these at the top of my to do list at present and am just working out my adjustments/deductions/add-ons for my cabinets hence the questions. What about the weight balance it looks pretty much 50 50 front/rear(im thinking about pole mount position for top box), was that your experience lifting them? Also what about the hatch, I see its a little smaller than the othorn. Was there plenty of space getting the driver in and out as I intend to do that slightly differently requiring it to be a little smaller. How'd this weekends show go?
  6. Some questions about how these should be placed/grouped in regards to dispersion characteristics. I guess if only one box per side then you put the mouth to the ground or will it work fine on its side as well? And what about two per side, on there sides? or end to end with the mouths becoming one? Or if you were grouping 4 should the group of mouths run horizontally or vertical? What are the dispersion characteristics of these?
  7. Awesome thread! Ill be back for a reread(and no doubt some questions) soon when I get some box's together. I will say that a 5hz sine wave through a bridged lab 6400 into 21sw152-4 created a smell very quickly! VC still measures fine but it was a good illustration to self how fragile these beasts can be!
  8. OK, BC218 for outdoors, that make sense... Beasts of things they are!!!
  9. Excuse me i may be going off topic a little here, I will keep in check!
  10. Fair enough, headroom and low low distortion never hurt anybody! Still though lol;-) BC218's sensitivity at 20 hz isnt any greater than those drivers in free air? Is there reasonable plans around for those? How constrained are you for space? Can't you just build a big long simple* horn across the front of your room below the screen? Instead of all these fancy designs? Don't take me the wrong way I'm just trying to understand a few things I have wondered for a long time with regards to the insane lounge room systems i have been reading about a while now. I've lurked long with out speeking often...... Cheers.
  11. Can you actually use this in your living room? I only have a small 2kw lab gruppen amplifier in my living room which i can make shut down from trying to pass too much current while driving my speakers nearly till there limits and making my ears ring a "little" too much. Some classic 3 ways and a couple of peerless 12 inch subs. Sure I could easily accept more more bass but that much? Maybe i should grab the couple of 21sw152s throw them in a simple sealed box and a couple or lab 64's i have sitting there for "THE PROJECT" and test your method out. But I can't help but think I would break things not least my ears! Can you REALLY use this stuff in your living room?
  12. Generally speaking yes! Generally speaking again.... If you made the cabinets with free mdf(like i can get) and your a good craftsman and you wanted to brew something up for CHEAP and FUN then why not? This designed is fairly serious though and for the CHEAP and FUN enthusiasts maybe something more simple would give greater returns I suspect. CHEAP and FUN guys maybe better served buy a more compromised(and way more simple) bass reflex design I would think. Horse's for course's I guess!!! P>S> my "CHEAP and FUN" categorization is not pointed at anybody posting here. Certainly does bring people I know personally to mind in my town that do awesome and amazing things for next to nothing although there creations are not fees-able in the professional realm.
  13. 10-12dB! Thats a serious compromise! Equating to half the perceivably volume! Ricci, how far behind dB wise do you think the 21ds115 and 21sw152 might be compared to the ipal21? Not so simple question i guess..... what amps are you using with he ipal to get results?
  14. Would port noise not have a direct coloration to spl as apposed to driver size?
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