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  1. Has anyone seen the 12 Monkeys TV-series? I recently watched the first season and am half way through the second now and it has lots of loud bass. And it's not just your typical boomy TV-show bass, it's clean despite being loud and it reaches very low at times. The first season finale was particularly crazy as almost half of the episode (about 17-18 minutes I'd say when looking at the waveforms) had a deep bass pumping. Very similar to Pulse but not quite as deep and it seemed to vary a bit more. It actually started to annoy me after a while because it just wouldn't go away, I'm sure some people would have gotten a headache from that.
  2. Ok, so it really doesn't have that much more bass. I guess no one expected it to go below 20 Hz since it's still a movie from 1998 but it seems like it's extension is at least around 25 Hz. And when you compare the Atmos chart to the old one you can see that the average graph is about 7 or 8 db higher on the Atmos track. I guess I was a bit over enthusiastic about the bass on this one but I'm still convinced that the Atmos track is a lot better than the previous one, it's far from "nonexistent" (that's what Nube said about the other track).
  3. I actually watched The Fifth Element with the new Atmos track yesterday and it does indeed have some nice bass. I've never heard it on a proper system before and I certainly don't have nearly as big a system as some others here but I'm pretty sure it has a lot more bass than the mix that was already measured here. I recently watched a bunch of movies of similar age (Godzilla, Armageddon, Dante's Peak) and none of those had as much bass as The Fifth Element. The bass also sounded more "modern" than on the other movies. It definitely has some missed opportunities (the biggest explosion sounded quite unimpressive) but some scenes (like the second biggest explosion) really rattled my room. Sure, the blu-ray.com review is heavily exaggerated but I don't think they use particularly sophisticated systems, since they even attested great bass to 2012 and The Hobbit (and Sucker Punch for that matter).
  4. This didn't have as much bass as you'd expect from a Bond movie (but the same could be said about the action) but what was there wasn't too bad, so I voted 3 stars. The movie itself was just one big disappointment, especially after the amazing Skyfall and Casino Royale. Not the worst movie ever by any means but not what I expect from a Bond movie.
  5. Surprisingly good film with great sound. I thought the Bass was very well done, those futuristic weapons in the scene where they shot that shop to pieces sounded so damn good. Voted 4 stars, because while the bass that was there was really good, there wasn't enough of it to warrant 5 stars for me.
  6. I thought the sound was amazing on this one, especially the bass. Yes, it's really loud but the dynamics are ok and it definitely was some of the most fun I ever had with my HT. Bass was very varied too, no comparison to something like Pacific Rim. The only other recent movie that gave my subs a workout like this one was probably San Andreas but that one was ridiculously over the top, I expect it to measure at least as loud if not louder than Transformers 4. As for the movie, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected based on the mixed reviews (the sound probably played a major part in that though). The plot may not make the most sense but it continually surprised me, because I somehow thought this was mostly a remake of the original film. Imagine my surprise when things just kept going quite different than I expected them to.
  7. You might wanna check out some Dub-Techno, some albums feature extremely low bass. Like for example DeepChord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvSlCJ5LB2A It's the complete album, around the 1h mark is the coolest part for bass in my opinion but there is plenty more. I've run some of it through SpecLab a while ago and ther is definitely strong sub 20HZ bass in there (probably even <10HZ, it's been a while). Youtube compression may be filtering out the lowest bass here, not sure though. And if anyone still owns an N64, try playing Super Smash Bros on the Donkey Kong stage, the bass ridiculous (lowest is at about 22 HZ). As for mainstream music, try Imagine Dragons - Radioactive, it's mostly 40-50 HZ but there is some sub 30 stuff in there too.
  8. Just look at who gave it 1 star and voted avoid and then look at a couple of other recent polls...
  9. Those were taken at the testing range and the others are not quite as impressive. The .50 cal Snipers you can pick up on some maps sound pretty fun and stuff like RPG shots or the boat's cannons are cool too. And then there is moments like a tank you're sitting in getting blown up with c4 or a cruise missile expldoing on top of you that just shake your whole room (seriously, I sometimes wanted to be hit by that cruise missile...). I never got around to capturing some of the big "levolution" events (collapsing skyscrapers and stuff like that) but I felt like those were synthetic sound effects (as opposed to real-life recordings for stuff like gunshots and explosions) which lacked extension and sometimes just sounded plain unimpressive. As for the campaign, the sound is the same as in multiplaye which means it is great, except for the scripted "cinematics" which sound ... weird. They sound completely different than the rest, are somewhow horribly distorted (probably to make them sound more impressive on TV speakers) and lack any kind of low end except for some strange sweeps. Here are those .50 cal snipers (bolt action at first and the semi-automatic one at the end).
  10. Battlefield has some serious bass, I've posted some graphs from Battlefield 4 a while ago, will have to dig them up. EDIT: Here is the post: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/page-110#entry3673 Only two graphs but have a couple more.
  11. Probably my favorite movie this year so far and that goes for the sound mix as well. Yes it was loud but it still sounded clear without obvious clipping or limiting.
  12. If you can't wait for Mad Max to be measured, read the review at highdefdigest.com. There is a link to a graph and it seems like a 5 star extension (and probably level) movie according to that one.
  13. Loved the movie (especially that church action scene was amazing) and liked the overall sound but wasn't impressed at all with the bass.
  14. This had a surprising amount of bass considering how restrained the first one was. It felt a bit like Transformers 4 at times. Not as compressed or full of clipping but often the bass felt boomy and over top without much nuance. And there are quite a lot of sweeps. Enjoyed the sound mix as a whole and like the movie more than I expected.
  15. As someone with an SVS PB-1000 (for now...) I can kind of relate to that, at least with the 2009 Star Trek (along with some other highly rated movies). I was a bit disappointed with it and expected more but I could tell that it was mostly because I was missing out on quite a bit of low bass. Watching Battle L.A. on the other hand was some of the most fun I ever had with my HT, the soundtrack is almost perfect and a lot of fun even when missing out the low stuff (thats how you know a soundtrack is well done). It made a movie I considered to be one of the worst I've ever seen at the cinema extremely enjoyable. I guess watching a german dub the first time didn't really help matters since it made most of the lines even more ridiculous.
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