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  1. JTR Captivator 4000-ULF discussion

    Our new, shallow Captivator 4000ULF-lp: http://jtrspeakers.com/captivator-4000ulf-lp.html
  2. JTR Speakers Captivator 212Pro Discussion

    A pair of 3" coils can handle as much power as a 6" coil. However, design goal was for max efficiency and output with 1200w (69v) which we need to add to the website (up to 1200w amplification).
  3. JTR Speakers Captivator 212Pro Discussion

    Looking at some comparisons, in the music range (above 45hz):
  4. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    Showing off dyno charts is one thing but that isn't going to tell anyone how they got those numbers. Popping the hood of a car isn't going to show the cam profile, compression, squish, rod length, fuel map, etc. We don't discuss magnets and steel grades, motor geometry or voicecoil specs. Someone can pull a driver out and get t/s parameters but they won't know how we got there.
  5. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    For 2017, we increased the Orbit Shifter and Captivator 1400 driver's Xmas to 33mm (from 30mm).
  6. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    We can't give away all our secrets.
  7. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    We modified the cabinet to regain the cabinet volume. With the new driver we had to lower the dcr a little to get the efficiency back that was lost from the longer coil. The, in band, zmin is exactly 2.5 ohms which is the minimum the 700asc module will put out full power.
  8. New SVS Ultra 16"

    That's about what I expected. Can't wait for Josh to test the new Cap1400
  9. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    Yes sir. The celphone audio is horrible so just ignore that.
  10. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    It was good. People actually came in from NH, FL, NE and other places. We showed off a pair of Captivator 4000ULF is the warehouse and then new Captivator 118HT in the demo room.
  11. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    We're really excited about the new Captivator 118HT. We're measuring the same output as the 1400 from 50hz and up while still putting out 105db at 16hz, 2m, rms. Hopefully, Josh can test the 118, 1400 and S1 in the spring.
  12. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    The new has the same geometry as the Captivator 4000ulf drivers(different impedance for the 1400w amp).
  13. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    The Captivator 1400 is completely redesigned for 2017: New driver with 33mm Xmax for lower distortion and increased output. New larger port for increased bottomend (+9% more port area than triple 3.5" diameter ports) New cabinet with improved bracing and damping for lower distortion and better sound quality. New dsp program with improved "LF adjust" that simulates a sealed sub roll off when turned all the way down. The new Captivator 1400 outputs over 1db more on the bottomend and will hopefully be tested by Data-Bass in the spring. Same old price!
  14. JTR Captivator 4000-ULF discussion

    We're trying to see if there is time yet this year for Data-Bass to test some more subwoofers.
  15. JTR Captivator 4000-ULF discussion

    So, when are your subwoofers going to be tested?