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  1. Audiofan1

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Discussion and Poll

    Definitely a 5 on the bass! but there is a bit clipping on the overall mix but as noted not to the likes of STID.
  2. My years pick! Nuff said!
  3. Audiofan1

    Pixels - Discussion and Poll - CLOSED

    Killer bass + Killer Atmos - so,so movie = Black Friday buy
  4. Just a level bump necessary to enjoy it but still a 3 as it could have been better!
  5. Audiofan1

    Jurassic World Discussion and Poll - CLOSED

    Glad the clipping is noted here , its not bad but there! the bass was great but not the years best for me !
  6. Audiofan1

    Pixels - Discussion and Poll - CLOSED

    This track was "Perfection" nothing I mean it lacked nothing! Its a strong contender for years best but will wait on T Genysis before making the final call .
  7. Big 5 and buy for me! Simply outrageous!
  8. Audiofan1

    Insurgent - Discussion & Poll - CLOSED

    Having bought a copy my 4 has been changed to a 5 and buy!
  9. Unprecedented! get the crown
  10. Audiofan1

    Everly - Discussion & Poll - Closed

    Boom! 5 but not a buy!
  11. Audiofan1

    Everly - Discussion & Poll - Closed

    Got this coming tomorrow! sounds like fun . Are some really giving a different rating due to actually liking the movie itself ? Perhaps it should be noted in there post as it would help, just like those who post or comment on there bass frequency preference.
  12. Loved the movie and would consider it my favorite of the three. Its a solid 4 and was very well executed the overall sound design was first class all the way.
  13. Audiofan1

    Interstellar - Discussion & Poll - CLOSED

    Had to go 4 simply for the level of the 30hz stuff as it was T4 fun, and hey! bass energy is just bass energy sometimes. Don't go into this one for fidelity & dynamic range or a lot of variation for that matter, in the end truth be told, I'd be happy giving it a 3.5.
  14. Big 5 and buy! @ Aj72 "sort of like an iron fist in a velvet glove" perfect description, this is clearly a reference movie!