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  1. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Hopefully your single version takes advantage of being a single driver version and perhaps a slightly larger version also.
  2. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    You would have some port chuffing with the 19hz tune and using the 21's. BUT since the 18's dont move as much air as the 21's you will most likely be fine with 19hz tune and using the 18's. Thats what I was saying in my earlier post.
  3. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I would suggest, if you have the room, build the Skhorn. Build some adaptor plates in case you decide to upgrade. PLUS when using the 19hz tune you want have to worry about port noise with the 18's.
  4. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    I just happen to have this comparison. That is the 21SW152 max SPL verse the 18LW2400 Max SPL. I can show a 1 watt for the LW2400 if needed. The 2400 does roll off sooner as you can see.
  5. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    Thanks Luke. I am curious about the dust cap leaking or making any noise when having to play 15hz tones. Might be something that is not even a worry but I dont know. I do know that I wont ever be pushing these very hard. My floors/walls wont take it. BUT I do plan on getting more of these AE drivers if they are to my liking. I still have to build myself a bass rig again also.
  6. So after many years I am finally going to build my 3way. Things have taken a while but I have finally got a job that will allow me to actually start projects and finish them with in a reasonable time. I have a few projects that will finally be finished so I am planning, budgeting and simulating a lot right now. I have looked at building a SH but will end up just building a 2way SH using a TPL-150, Celestion 0410 mids, and a single 18 below the horn. My designs goals were to have a dual 15 design like JTR's 215RT but costs start to add up. I then looked at just using a single 18". Most of the 18's I looked at are similar in SPL and extension. The next filter for me is price verse quality in sound. I have looked at a lot of BC products because they are by far the best value for me. So, I cant afford to buy all the drivers to have a listen to and then return them. So I am hoping others can comment to help me decide on which may work. In the end I think all will probably work very well. I dont need crazy SPL as I am happy with a moderate setup. I am on suspended floors. I looked at buying a pair of 18's to compare in a side by side comparison. BUT I cant help but wonder about the others. I will have a active setup and be using a QSC PLD 4.3 for L/R. So these are the two 18's I thought about buying first: 18IPAL and Funk 18TSAD-R The 18IPAL will probably cost about half the cost of the 18TSAD. IPAL is peaky but does most things very well and can be used up to 350hz. Thats about as high as I think I will need. TSAD does this also but does look much flatter in comparison. SO the first pic is the TSAD vs TD18H Apollo. 2nd pic is TSAD vs IPAL . 3rd is TD18H vs IPAL. 4th pic is BMS 18 vs TD18H. 5th pic TD18H Apollo vs FP18XL1800. And lastly is the GUJ vs TD18H Apollo just for fun. All these sims are in an enclosure of 250l and 18-19hz tune. I will look at trying to tune for 15hz but that will be a balancing act of smooth response shape and port size per volume of enclosure. So how do you choose which. For budget price the 18TBW100/NW100 even works. BUT I was looking at tying to buy more SPL for ULF double duties. So I started looking at higher excursion models. Most expensive option is the BMS 18 or possibly the TSAD. Would have been nice to have bought Ricci's used BMS 18's. FP18XL1800 and TD are about the same cost. So as I said I looked at buying an IPAL either way to compare against the other 18. I have never heard the TD series of speakers so I dont know what I am missing if anything. Just never heard them to say if thats a good thing or not. And of coarse I also simulated Kyle's 5100 speakers. Always considered those also if they were around.:) And to add to this, I will be using this 3way as a fullrange system. Wont be any room for normal subwoofers. Hence such a low tuning. Luke I know you have used the TD18's as you have also Ricci. Dont know if anyone has compared the TD18 against anything else in a A/B comparo or something similar. Thanks either way guys. Ricci, just noticed this in another forum but should this thread be moved to the speaker design section?
  7. Replacement AVR / processor

    Happy to see someone else thing about the 700 AV. I will be purchasing one for my AVR. Still have some time before that happens but it is the best deal for me and who doesnt like balanced outputs.:D
  8. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    BC speakers I dont have to pay shipping and the rest arent that bad to ship. Under 45-50lbs is ok. Anything heavier is when it gets expensive. I wont be basing my decision off of weight of drivers. If I have to pay a little more for one verse the other that is ok. I am only buying a pair of these drivers not 10.
  9. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    This was an old reply from John but he describes the PB18H+. He is saying what the benefits are for having the phase plug verse dustcap.
  10. Which 18" for 3way SPL AND extension

    I was looking at having a 350hz possibility for the 18. I looked at even using the 21's from BC but wanted to keep the width down a bit.(Although it does work in similar volumes just fine) UH21's would probably be a great option but I cant afford those pair of 21's for my system. TD18H looks to easily reach whatever is needed at the Xo and regarding the phase plug I looked at using the PB version of the TD18H. So leaking would not be a problem. Although, I never knew that could be a problem at all. As I said I have never heard any of the TD line up in person. IPAL was a possibility because the excursion capabilities and very low Le. It is very peaky but I figured I could EQ that flat. BUT this is all knew to me when it comes to using that much EQ on anything like an IPAL speaker. And now that you mentioned your 21's, I did have a look at the 21DS115 . It is cheaper than any of the speakers I mentioned so far. BUT most of these are all within about 2-400 dollars. So I am looking at using the best driver I can. The 18DS115 is actually more expensive than the 21DS115. I have a pair of 21SW152's already that will be used in a Skhorn for outdoors. I will have to wait on my TPL's to come in for another 2 months. Once I get those in I can start building the SH. Then use those underneath until I figure out what to use. I hope to have figured this out before then. Also waiting on a few quotes to see what will cost what. Probably hear back from all parties next week sometime. TSAD and IPAL were my first choice for future purchase to compare. Then I was curious about the TSAD and TD18H/PB+.
  11. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Also glad to see you got a quote you can live with and building it out of great ply. Ricci is it best to ask Skhorn "versions," questions here. And will you be looking at designing a single driver version?
  12. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Wow thats crazy for a delivery charge. My plywood will cost me about $75each at the cheapest place for a B/C sheet each. SO things starting getting expensive when you need multiple sheets. Its also why I havent started my Skhorn yet. Baltic Birch would probably cost me about 200 a sheet. SO ya I tend to build a lot of things also in MDF.
  13. B&C 21DS115

    SO the first model is the 21DS115 vs SW152. It some areas the DS looks better. I pushed both to about 20mm but I was just doing a quick sim from what I had. Then I selected the lossey Le in Wizard and you can see the DS in black verse the Le in red. Not a huge difference but enough to make sure you simulate it is all. For me the DS115's are about the same price as the 18IPAL's. So thats why the DS's are very interesting. I am not ready to buy any more speakers for now since I still have to finish my Skhorn first. BUT I do want another pair of horns to build come January. I just keep forcing myself to make a reason to get the IPAL's.
  14. Questions about othorn,keystone, Xoc1 th18, DSL118 and others

    For me the option is the Alpine SWS 15 or 18IPAL. Amp wise I dont have an issue there because most amps can handle 2ohms. BUT when I find something I will build using the 18IPAL I am looking at just using a SP 4000 amp. PLUS I will be buying one for my Skhorn build anyways. Look to see real world how the IPAL does in the Xoc1 TH118. I dont have the plans on Toms design but dont mind building the clone.
  15. Questions about othorn,keystone, Xoc1 th18, DSL118 and others

    Will be interesting to see what your results are. I do like the IPAL but havent been able to make a design that warrants the extra cost yet.
  16. Questions about othorn,keystone, Xoc1 th18, DSL118 and others

    Wow did they really use the 18ID driver? Not a fan of that design. I do like the 18IPAL. I just need to come up with a design that can hit crazy SPL and go low enough for me to warrant buying them. 21's are only 100 more roughly.(SW152)
  17. B&C 21DS115

    I couldnt remember if we were using the lossy Le option or not. When doing so it definitely changes things. Ported cabinets it didnt matter too much but in this horn it did.
  18. B&C 21DS115

    Not sure if the large VC option needs to be selected when simulating the DS115. If so then the DS wont work in the Othorn. BUT if not then yes it will work just fine in the Othorn. But I would wait to hear back from Ricci. I know the DS115 does not perform the same at all in a few simulations so not 100% on the two being that close. Simple ported they will work just fine.
  19. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    Thanks for the reply. I was looking at a lot of used equipment for my setup and so I was curious to see what you had. I cant afford the stuff I want right now so I am looking at a few cheaper options to at least get me started. Nice to see a 001 series still in action.
  20. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    What does the BIG setup consist of other than subs?
  21. B&C 21DS115

    I have a pair of 21SW152's ready to go in a Skhorn. Also in a few months am looking at possibly ordering a pair of 21DS115's for indoor subs.( Just using them in ported 14hz cabinets.) If plywood wasnt so expensive here I would have built a LOT of subs by now. BUT its around 70 or more dollars minimum for a sheet. SO I dont do much but read and then finalise what I am going to build. Have some TH50 clones that can use a few drivers also but I am thinking that the Skhorn will be more than enough for now so those will be put to the side. Also the first thing I will be buying in the next month or so will be a AV700 from Denon. Or whatever its called. Once I get that I can start building my other speakers. I still need amps also. Its a very slow road for me as funds are projects are usually nonexistent. So I tend to talk a lot and build very slowly. I do feel bad at times for taking so long to do build some of my wants. Did some google searches and found my old posts about me and some of my sub builds. Years back and I am still almost starting my build. Hopefully by Xmas this year I will at least have a 2.1 setup outdoors finished and a 4.2 indoors.
  22. B&C 21DS115

    I would love to compare the BMS 18 monster with the FP 18XL1800 or 18DS115. BUT for me the SW115 in 18 is the same price as the DS. The savings is when you buy the 21 version verse the SW152. Probably never be able to compare these drivers side by side. Thats why I generally buy BC for value and I am happy with them so far. Just would be nice to actually hear if these others ARE better or not.
  23. B&C 21DS115

    I would not put any driver in a ported cab feed it 1800 potential watts without a Hpass. Sure BC has mechanical limiting factors to avoid this driver from being hurt by excursion peaks but it CAN still be broken. I plan on using my future pair of DS115's in ported cabinets tuned to 14hz. And with 1800watts they are going to break. So I am sure if you are at home with a noise floor of 35db's only listening at 65db and your amp is an Inuke3K you may be fine. BUT with the rest of us thats not going to work.
  24. UBER 24" possible Project

    I would be curious what your other driver options are anyways. I think you make some great drivers and if I can in the future will probably look at getting a custom souped up TSAD 18" from you. Will have to look at a guestimate T/S to see what it simms like to see if that will work. BUT we will see. My wants are not usually the needs of the masses. I would love to have an uber 15" that does great in a TH/FLH's. Also would love to build a pair of monster horns using quad 12's with a custom driver. BUT for now I will just see what your company comes out with. BUT its also hard to beat value of 18's verse multiple drivers. SO that being said an uber 18 comes back into play. As I said an 18 with T/S like the TC 5100 would be my wants. Dont expect that driver to be cheap though. Probably the same price as the 5100 was.
  25. UBER 24" possible Project

    Seeing as prices keep increasing I think being around the competition for price would be a good goal. If an 18 " from "X," company cost 400 I wouldnt mind paying a premium of say 150 for one of Nathan's drivers. BUT thats just me and it depends on which driver. I cant say I could afford his Uber 24 by any means. But I only wanted an uber 18" like the 5100 from TC. Anyways I will go back in my cheap seats and continue to just watch ....