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  1. What are you using for EQ or Xo?
  2. Sadly, I am not around an area to listen to JTR's creations but always love seeing more information on their products. Love to hear the Noesis 215RT some day.
  3. So what are the other cabinets under the SH46's?
  4. I think Bennet stated you could get the 2 ohm IPAL if there was a 50MOQ. BUT that being said this new Eminence 21 does look pretty awesome available and hits the low end better than most if not all Pro drivers.
  5. About the same price here in OZ. Hence why I use what I use.
  6. Thanks. Its what I use also. Other wise I couldnt afford to build much. Arauco B/C and PL premium. Just building a pair of Skrams so I was curious how much ply I wold still need. Looks like 3 more sheets for sure.
  7. 4ft x 8ft sheets? (1200mm x 2400mm) I am very slowly making my pair of Skrams. I have to buy some more ply but progress is progress.:)
  8. How are those ports being held in place?
  9. Use Arauco ply 18mm. I found it for 55 a sheet at Mitre 10 here in Adelaide. I was using marine ply sheets before but that was about 165 a sheet. I have tubes of PL premium I order from someone in Australia years ago. Just got a box of 12 tubes. PL works best but use what you can get. I think I used Sikaflex about 9 years ago when I built my BFM subs. Pocket holes work great but they do add a lot of extra time at the finishing stage. But the Kreg inserts do help. Take your time with the build and let us know how you go.
  10. Ok so I am sure someone knows by now how may sheets of 18mm do I need for a pair of Skrams? I am going to start building my pair very slowly. I am going to be out of town a lot for work over the next coming weeks but would like to get started on building these. I have had my pair of SW152's for quite some time sitting on a shelf. Got a lot of other issues going on to make my, already extremely slow, progress on builds even slower but this build will definitely get my spirits up.(Life has been rough for a few years now) Hopefully will finish them in 2 months or less. Will also be looking at designing or build an existing design for my single 15HST.
  11. Skram or IPAL Othorns would work I believe. Not sure why the need for 130db at 100hz either. My future project (SH) was going to be using the Skram's because of the versatility of them being able to be used for HT. Not saying the Skhorn cant but the pair of Skrams will work great under a SH, I feel at least for music or HT.
  12. I know what you meant Scott. I am not exactly young myself. Kind of like schmuck being used anymore.
  13. Did scram drills when I was onboard the SSN 762 and 763. Ricci will four of these all vents open be fine on a FP14k? They would be an 8ohm per channel or all four at four ohm on a single bridged channel. Will be building four. Just have to move and then I will get started.
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