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  1. Wowzers that is a sweet looking design!!!!!
  2. NWCgrad

    TC Sounds 15" sub

    That is a nearly perfect summation of my view on Procella. I heard them once and didn't see what all the hype was about. I bet they have great margins for custom installers, which may explain the love fest.
  3. That could be really cool, hope it works out to your satisfaction.
  4. Damn you were not kidding, that was a ton of great pictures.
  5. NWCgrad

    HST18 / HS24

    Reading it and seeing it are two different things. Wow, what a nice group photo!
  6. NWCgrad

    HST18 / HS24

    Tgis could be an excellent sound system for a large club!!! Damn, will blow the windows out of the entire house, and the neighbors house. Awesome!
  7. I guess the setups for all future GTG's need full peer review prior to the event to ensure scientific validity. All comments need to be subjected to peer review prior to public posting. Someone will a full technical background and experience, preferably at least a full professor at a leading academic institution, will have to serve as the editor. All measurement equipment will have to be validated prior to event, the person running the equipment will require proof of training, minimally a professional certification for each piece of equipment. To study the perceptual aspects, a different cadre of experts will be required. The disciplines of neuroscience and psychology will have to be engaged to ensure extraneous variables that were not accounted for in the validated study plan are dealt with. As the study involves human subjects, the entire GTG plan will have to be submitted to an institutional review board to ensure proper protection of human subjects. Of course we will require a null hypothesis, identification of independent and depended variables, and an a priori statistical analysis plan. To ensure listener bias is not factored in the testing will need to be blind, preferably double blind. Sounds like a lot of work....and no alcohol consumption by anyone at anytime during the event. It's just like taking work on the road, count me out. I get enough science during the workweek, not on the agenda for weekends.
  8. So much for one post and gone. Perhaps he should become a media watchdog, much more important impacts on our lives than audio. People have issues with tone. As with the poster above, I have no dog in the fight as all my drivers are JBL, B&C, and Eminence. None of which are known for awesome Xmax.
  9. I am going to name my next dog Clippel, she can sniff the drivers and I can call it a measurement.
  10. NWCgrad

    HST18 / HS24

    Thieves suck, as do those who knowingly buy stolen gear. Sorry to read about this sad affair.
  11. Are the cryogenically treated to remove nanofracture's?
  12. That's what sucks about bass. A few years ago the only place in our rental unit with good bass was the guest bathroom, and it was the furthest away from the little baby 12" sub I thought was great at the time. My how time changes perspectives.
  13. The Crown did pretty well considering its reported 20 Hz HPF. It looks okay down to 10 Hz, I doubt anyone expected better results. Thanks Luke....
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