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  1. Hello all Kvalsvoll, as usual, nice job. Quite well done, thought provoking. I'll tell you an ongoing trend I see all too often, primarily with online posts and images, a dramatically unbalanced emphasis on every aspect ... OTHER THAN acoustic optimization. It's something I've seen for many years. Time and time again I see these fantastically capable systems that leave so much performance on the table, both measurably significant and subjectively dramatic.
  2. MemX, I appreciate all that. I don't go there that often, however I've read much of diyaudio's content on ppsl. You're right, it's seems to be some of the best stuff out there. Just curious about more discussions. I've been contemplating a small, modest ppsl project myself. Thanks
  3. "I wonder what would happen to that dip if you flipped the sub upside down?" Spot on. Just as placement at the floor boundary, maximally couples and excites resonances in the vertical axis. Conversely, employing null mode placement by locating the driver up off the floor (and close to a vertical null), theoretically doesn't excite that resonance like boundary coupling does. There's so many complex interactions, you never really know how the FR will be impacted until you try. It certainly warrants some experimentation. I like OmniMic for applications like this ... ie, real-time observation/identification of FR boundary interactions and EQ'ing. Handholding the mic while the test signal plays, can quickly determine the troublesome room axis. Also, another aspect to thing of is oftentimes narrow dips in response, fortunately aren't that audible. Good luck An acoustic axiom; Resonant frequency and distribution of room modes is determined by the room's dimensions. The degree of excitation depends on the position of the source. The degree of audibility depends on the position of the listener.
  4. MemX, love this, just monstrous ... thanks for sharing. JSS, +1 beautiful area. I've looked at ppsl designs, etc., but anyone care to share links to some of their favorite discussions, outstanding build/testing documentations?
  5. "I wish John would learn to run things a little better" Seems to be a common sentiment ... and something he can't shake. That said, he does make some fine drivers. He displayed AE's offerings at the recent Chicago Axpona, in the Seaton room. Working the room I got to talk audio/drivers with him both at the show and away from the show ... as you may imagine, good stuff. In addition to displaying the TD12 variant Mark uses in the Cat12s, he displayed a metallic cone and an example of an entire driver set of individual basket spokes, frame, spacers, etc., that comprise all the components of a modular shared part system. All these elements are screwed together with fine threaded machine screws, and they fit together beautifully. The premise is, instead of wait times and prices of castings, he water jets and machines in house, thus facilitating a easier prototyping and development of drivers. Holding and examining the various pieces and observing the fit tolerance, and the way all the parts fit together ... man these were very nice. As I've shared before, I can't tell you how rewarding it was to work and dine and discuss all things audio with John (AE), Mark S, Jeff (JTR), and Brian (Speaker Power). Amazing conversation, a rare opportunity and very rewarding. Mark made waves at the otherwise high end audio show. Big powerful 10hz waves rippling through the Westin structure. With (12)15"s, the assembled system had the goods. Art of Flight, and HTTYD, to a packed house (25-30 ppl), left some of the neighboring exhibitors quite jealous. I realize I've shared some of this before, but damn it was a lot of fun. Back to the AE TD drivers, yes they're absolutely first rate if sound quality is paramount, and extended response into the infra range isn't important. I've got (6)TD12s up front in my Cat12s. With the high power on-board amplification that powers the TD12 drivers, the combination offers up the finest playback capability covering the two bass/mid-bass octaves from 50hz-200hz I've ever encountered. Obviously, room acoustics are a big part of the equation in this range. Both SBIR and Decay times are inextricably linked to our perception of bass quality. But I'm truly convinced that range is expertly handled and right in the wheelhouse of the low inductance AE/TD design. I've heard loudspeakers in the pro audio/studio environment, and countless others of all types, and the TD design offers capability that isn't bested by any other driver. Even side-by-side others, and also blind auditioning up against other so called heavyweights, it was clearly superior in the bass/midbass region. Now I'm guessing there's horn loaded approaches that may equal the low distortion, apparent speed and cleanliness of my Cat12s, and other TD equipped systems. But inherent with such an approach comes the penalty of size. Good luck, I hope you get a response from AE.
  6. Doesn't seem like overkill to me, looks like a sub done right! It does look like it can move some air, that's one nice looking driver ... that surround looks like something you would tow behind a boat! Any measurements you can share? Thanks
  7. "I could send you an SP4 at the drop of a hat." Testing that bad boy would be interesting. They output a lot of drivers, it only makes sense to see what they can do. I remember when talking to Scott at Fi, when ordering my IB drivers, iirc ... he explained since they're typical sales were primarily car audio, they can essentially customize many of their offering's parameters more aligned to a HT user's needs. Whether or not they still mix and match various pieces, I don't know. Josh, thanks for all your work ... tremendous.
  8. We watched this recently. It was decent film, good story and I found the period details pretty cool. It had entirely un-remarkable sound, but a nice cast and very well acted.
  9. I really liked this one, fast paced ... joke after joke, some quite clever. Like Nube, nothing really stood out wrt the sound design, bass or otherwise. Still liked it. Re-watchable? No desire there, then again very few releases warrant re-watching.
  10. Nube, thanks for the heads up about the splitting of the forum topics ... Bass Gear, and Bass Content, had no idea and likely wouldn't have noticed. The bass content is just fantastic. The bass gear is too, but I just wish there were more gear discussions/contributions, because the contributors around these parts is certainly high quality. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Thanks for that Nube! I'm certainly going to have to sit down and re-watch this one again. It's been a long time since that viewing. I do remember I really enjoyed it, and it seemed to possess a nice supportive and full bottom end, but that's all I remember.
  12. Yeah, that gtg, like the January gtg, looked like a good one. Having met the principals involved at the Jan Heavyweights gtg, I knew it'd be a lot of fun. Those guys know how to do it up. As I said repeatedly in my huge review of the previous gtg, I found the best part is placing a face to a name and meeting like minded enthusiasts. This particular group possessing strong and unfiltered zeal for all relevant aspects of these gatherings. Josh and I discussed carpooling to the previous gtg, but it just didn't work out. Josh, I'm glad you achieved what you wanted with the break ... sounds like a wise move. Looking forward to your further work with Audioholics.
  13. Nube, you've got me thinking. Execution. I looked around in other threads, the first one I pull up was Avatar, which happens to be a good example. Both Tux and Toe differentiate overall sound and LFE. Soooo, when I read your comments about quantity and extension to warrant a 5 star rating, I'm intrigued a bit more and curious. This certainly doesn't mean the vote system needs any change, I think it's fine and obviously the simpler the better. However, it does illustrate differing viewpoints to the approach we each use to establish how a particular release has been "executed". I voted 5 star execution, as I stated, I don't know what they could've done to improve the execution of the soundtrack. What very few effects there were, subjectively possessed all the requisite LF. I only viewed it once, and didn't even go back and replay any of the scenes. But still, I was so taken by the film in a big picture kind of way. I thought it was filled with fine performances, top to bottom. I found it to be a powerful experience and highly recommend it. Thanks
  14. $175,000,000 budget for this thing! While they're throwing that type of money around, just throw out everything below 40hz too ...
  15. Bass traps all depend on what material you have to use, and how much space you can sacrifice. Very briefly, using 4" rigid fiberglass, you span as many corners as possible. Using Safe-N-Sound rock-wool based trap, stack 'em up super-chunk style. If you can allocate maximum space, go the cheapest fluffy insulation, as thick as possible super-chunk style being mindful not to compress the product (occasional netting or chicken wire, etc.). Everything works, just trying to maximize material usage...ie., one can stack rigid as thick as you want in a corner, however that amount of product could be better utilized spread around the room straddling the corners,...in that, coverage area trumps one ├╝ber trap. Most all residential rooms need about as much LF trapping as you can give them. That said, you can get to a point whereby too much MF/HF energy is taken out of the room, which can be quite detrimental. So facing a treatment section with plastic Visqueen or craft paper returns the mid and high range, and focuses the absorption on the LF. Post trapping subjective results will be dramatic ... tightening up the bass transients and increasing bass detail and clarity. Adequately damped listening rooms/HTs are the exception. Good luck
  16. +1 on the measuring a few things; sitting in the middle, front-to-back, is problematic ... as you're seeing. it elicits significant nulls in response. however, this is easily addressed via placement experimentation and seating location experimentation (often not possible). outdoors, there's be no problem, you'd have nice smooth response. but move indoor and add boundaries, creates reflections and resonances, ... it's all about resonances, or room modes. three key issues; 1.) a room's dimensions determine the resonances 2.) sub placement determines which resonances are excited 3.) listener location determines which resonances are heard the firm concrete walls/boundaries, exacerbate the issues, bass trapping would help significantly, but first placement strategies. a sub in a corner excites maximum amount of modes, bring it out mid sidewall if possible, or off the front wall somewhat, and out of the corner. a second sub alleviates much of these concerns, if placed one in front, one to the rear. for a relative newbie diy, I'd examine parts express combo cabinet/subwoofer (dayton ultimax sub and cabinet), sorry wouldn't allow me to link
  17. Center channel, enormously important, absolutely indispensable. Aside from headroom, the phase issues, HRTF, etc; Small head movements = zero to little impact on performance Multiple listeners with any amount of lateral spread = zero to little impact I'm point source coaxial from ~180hz on up, the above reasons seem to possess even greater merit in our current seating scenario. Two-tiered, leather sofa seating, in front sofa we spread casually across multiple widths as the mood or occupancy dictates. Front row at 7'.
  18. Buy / 5 stars This is not a special effects laden/LFE film by any definition. However, it's the most powerful movie watching experience I've had in recent memory, and I can't think of anything they could have done to improve it. This is not enjoyable, feel good movie-time material. Highly recommended, powerful stuff.
  19. "Gravity for me was the single best bass experience I have ever had. Phenomenal in all areas. 5 star hands down for me." Wow, very cool. As I shared in the poll thread, saw it in the theater, can't wait to check it out at home.
  20. Haven't seen it over the home system, but saw it in pseudo Imax 3D, ... it was a powerful experience. First big impact was me paying for our family of four, and my daughter's boyfriend, ... talk about an impactful movie experience! But, mere seconds into the film, I was entirely captivated by the entire experience. Got there early enough to choose the seat I wanted (if I'm going, I'm going to sit where I want). Not a fan of 3D, but if ever a film was tailor made for large screen and 3D it was this one. There were long periods where I was entirely engrossed .. I enjoyed the theatrical mix, and I'm buying it soon to assess the ST over the wider bandwidth home rig. After I see what it's got, I'll be glad to vote.
  21. Finally got the opportunity for Elysium, really enjoyed the spectral balance ... Nube was right .. it's got the stuff, and I really enjoy the way the effects were implemented (sound design). Few big bombastic broadband high level effects, but the deep pulsating stuff, the room shaking energy,... was both appropriate for the scenes and well executed. The movie, decent but that's another review. Again, the balance ... lovely, few if any crushing, reach for the volume effects. Just the deep stuff, loved the sound of this one because of the balance Nube, thanks for graphing this one, some good demo worthy material, I'd have to view it again to single out my faves. Thanks
  22. We too watched Rush last night. I echo much of the sentiment, a fantastic film with nice balanced mix that never draws attention to itself. It really captured the 70's quite well, IMO. The portrayal of the F1 scene, but focused primarily just on these two players, just refreshingly good for a racing film,... most suck, this didn't. I'll elaborate more about ST specifics in another post. Highly recommended. Ron Howard did a great job, I saw countless period details that were spot on.
  23. "As usual, thanks to those that put this thread together. This is my goto thread for movie bass. I don't even look in the other bass thread anymore." ^ this, +1 Yep, made that switch back in '12, there is no stronger, soundtrack savvy group than the core of this thread.
  24. Nube, just a thank you for the hidden spoiler approach, thanks for that. It's tough discussing these things and looking for recommendations, yet not wanting excessive details that may ruin the enjoyment of a movie night. Actually, I enjoy knowing as little as possible, the discovery seems to add so much.
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