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  1. You could build an inset into the enclosure for 3/4" glass. I wouldn't use fish tank glass, enclosures are subject to lots of pressure oscillations, you don't want to put that on thinner glass.
  2. I'd have a glazier do that before attempting it
  3. Dunno why I'm getting into this, but it's kind of fun anyway. After going through my history and digging out the measurement laptop, I see I took another measurement after you pointed out the first was no good. Good eye there actually, props for that. This measurement was after pulling the enclosures further outside and testing from further away. These were the results, hence the 12db gain claims. Yes, same broken mic. I was using this mic since I had a calibration for it from Herb at CSL before it met its woeful end. This is actually the graph I have in the post here on the build. I likely copied the wrong one to AVS, and I'll update that. This test demonstrated that while the frequency response was horked, the measurements were still linear without compression. And here they are overlayed As for Ricci's results, 50hz+ 6db difference, what you'd expect with the difference in displacement. 16.5hz 6db difference, 12.5hz and 10hz 3db difference, and that's with a massive enclosure/baffle advantage. And no, I don't filter 10hz out as irrelevant, but a bit below there, imho, it becomes irrelevant. As for insults and condescension, I think you take that trophy. I guess everyone who disagrees with you is a moron and all the gear that you don't sell is a piece of shit.
  4. u mad? u mad. Build some more sonotube subs you'll feel better. Hey look it's the same graph again that I said was taken with a bad mic. Is this the basis for your dissent? Ricci's own measurements show only 3db difference at 10hz and 12.5hz. Handicapped by a smaller box and smaller baffle. You love the ULF, but suddenly this means nothing to you. Does it really take 4 drivers in your world to overcome that gap? You know very well what I mean when I reference the hundreds of SL graphs you've posted where you try to show linear frequency response using a tool that was not producing linear results. My reading comprehension is fine btw, perhaps work on the incoherent babble. Keep on drinking that kool-aid.
  5. You mentioned my name specifically when discussing people busting his balls about Le and Xmax. I did no such thing. But yeah, porting is better. Since when do I hate ported subs? Wat? The only way I'd ever go back to a sealed setup is if I'm space limited. I did not screw the pooch, the ported subs are a massive improvement in every way. The only meaningful sacrifice is size. Cleaner output, no excursion issues, more output potential. You can have your opinion as to otherwise, but taking a page from your book, you've heard netiher system. Rofl, ok, totally doesn't matter. Your measurements previously supported by SL are all unaffected and continue to hold water. Ok. Sorry, where did I claim 15db? The mic was working well, and verified against other measurement mics previously. I hadn't used it for a while and when I did, the frequency response was completely off. It appeared to still be linear. Completely ignoring the box size difference and cherry picking a frequency. It also shows only a 3 db difference at 10hz, and 12.5hz, and a 6db difference at 16hz, even with the advantage of a massive box. "This shows a pair of LMS ultra will Trounce the SI24". Silly, yeah? The arguments provided were anything but bullshit. The bullshit was the claims some made that the SI24 will best 5 Ultras or other high quality 18s. I wasn't even just comparing it to the just ultra, but any high excursion 18 inch driver. I specifically was talking about Zv4 and HST18 in many of the examples given. The Zv4 is only 6db off at 30hz, even with the bigger box and giant baffle. Did Nick appoint you his white knight or did you fill this role on your own? Since when is discussing and arguing about this stuff something to get so bent about. Others may have been attacking the Le and Xmax claims, but I steered clear of that entire discussion. I only partook in the output to displacement discussions. The results show single SI24 is equal to about 2 18s, which is all I was claiming. Having multiple drivers with more coil will obviously give you improved long term power handling with less compression, even while in a smaller enclosure. With an enclosure the size of the SI24 enclosure, a pair of drivers like the UXL18 or the Ultra in a vented alignment would be so far ahead it's absurd ( in the ranges that matter ). Are you just upset because the ported resurgence cuts into your margins? At least that I could understand.
  6. Grave digging this post here, but someone linked it to me and you seem confused. I don't like my name being attached to made up stories. I haven't busted Nick's balls about le or xmax and the klippel shit. The only claims I've made are that displacement being equal, output will be equal in a sealed enclosure. For some reason some people thought the 24 was magic. The data-bass tests showed it wasn't. Furthermore, you use a graph which I said was taken with a faulty mic, but completely disgregard this fact. Feel free to check my original post, it hasn't been edited since January. I saw gains of 12db at tune, not 15. The mic issue was discovered after I had moved all my drivers over, so it's not like I can repeat the measurements. Hell, it's not like I can even get the enclosures into a field to do so anyway. I'm sorry if going ported offends your sensibities. I was bottoming out my Ultras and needed to do something about it. You disregard this fact also and pretend I'm running with huge amounts of headroom. I have no room gain around 20hz, but I have a good bit at 10hz and below. In a smaller room with a suspended floor, I'm sure my sealed setup would have been OK. I had flat response down to 7hz AFTER filtering. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is that reproducing the lower octaves is a waste of efficiency and power. I'll just have to live with being 3db down around 10hz now and relying on transducers for the ulf, woe is me :/ Did I mention I haven't missed it, or really even noticed? On another note, my same enclosures with ZV4 18s in a smaller room were flat to 5hz without any EQ. Likely lower, but there was electronic rolloff. I was a bit jealous of that for a bit. Unfortunately, it was also on a concrete floor. Anyway, I digress. I'm not sure where the malice comes from. Maybe you've been dipping too far into your own koolaid supplies. Hopefully you've at least figured out how to get speclab to provide accurate results, instead of using it to show how flat your response is when it was adding 3db per decade. Just remember, nobody is perfect. We all enjoy this hobby and like to see it move forward. That all said, if you're ever on Long Island, my door is open to all. It's always a good time having some beers and bullshitting with others who are into the same hobby.
  7. Far enough to physically shake the couch, but if you put your hand on them you barely feel anything. On the couch it feels huge, especially at lower freqs. Feels pretty natural... low passing at 60hz
  8. minidsp for sub eq, xt32 for everything else including the subs as well.. 13hz 3rd order highpass keeps excursion in control.
  9. And here's a quick picture of the stack. Will take proper ones when I'm not in the middle of Audyssey.
  10. 4, no problems throgh the door.
  11. Yes, I need to dust... and vacuum. This build made quite a mess. All 4 are done, I'm just waiting for assistance lifting it. Tested it earlier, no abnormal noises so that's good.
  12. With transducers running and the bass hot, I thought it was pretty good. I watched with the DTS-HD MA track.
  13. Yep, just watched gravity, was intense. Anyone run this through speclab yet?
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