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  1. Yep, I'm aware of it, need to find a sec to change the redirect to http:// which will solve all of this, thanks for reporting. I'll try and get this fixed tonight
  2. So cpanel upgraded everything to use SSL certs so that more or less broke the site. All you need to do is hit this URL once (with the "s" in the protocol) and your browser will remember each new time. https://data-bass.com/home please click the link (or click the dB logo at the top of this page) I will try and do a 301 redirect at some point in the future...
  3. Turned on "Can view who gave reputation " for members. Should work now
  4. First of all, are the images that are supposed to be uploaded to this forum broken? If so, please post at least 1 direct link that I can give invision to look at. Do we need more/better place to upload images? I have cloud account with amazon and I was thinking of giving out some write access to an S3 bucket for our bass content which might help things in the future.
  5. Lets not edit anything yet until I get an answer from invision, they might have a simple tool that can fix content. I created a ticket for these issues.
  6. Thanks, I'll ask invision to convert those URL's in the db or if they have a tool to do so, would be hard otherwise, and they should know about it. I'll look into post links and do you know if most of the PvA graphs are broken, or just a few here and there?
  7. Andy, common man, stop deleting your posts.
  8. We're now going to separate the bass measurement discussion from the subwoofer discussion. Please use this form for subwoofer gear talk and DIY projects, thank you!
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