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    Finally some pics of the assembly process. The MW's of @lilmike are finished on Wednesday.
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    Going back to my issue with the drivers in electrical series, I can say there is absolutely no difference between them linked like that or parallel. All my tests and measurements showed me nothing changes, a small voltage difference is present, but only 1-2 V at 60 V sines.
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    Second floor apartment? Really? When I have people ask about my subs and find out they’re in an apartment or connected condo, I tell them my subs come with eviction notices. Good luck with those and the fight to keep them. When I first turned on 3 sealed 18s for my wife, I said if that was too much vibration, we could put rubber feet under the couch. She looked at me and said, “you most certainly will not, that was awesome.” And I’m sure people ask why do you need a car as fast as a Bugatti. If you have to ask, you just don’t understand. Luckily, our subs are a heck of a lot less expensive for their capabilities than someone buying an exotic car.
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    Hey I resemble that remark!
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    It’s not quite a sealed 24 but it might wreck something. Lol! I kid. Looking great so far.
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    That is good news. I'm glad you verified it.
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    Reading through this thread has been really inspiring. I discovered new drivers that I would consider reference (IPAL and its brothers), and learned more about horn enclosures. It makes me want to attempt building a small horn loaded subwoofer for use with desktop speakers and the such, just for its high efficiency.
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    Yep...I emailed Brian about the SP1-6000 plate amps a few weeks ago and he put me in contact with Justin. Brian says he still does consulting work for SP when needed but otherwise is retired.
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    In other amplifier news, SpeakerPower is under new management since Brian has retired. Retail prices appear to have increased as well. http://www.speakerpower.net/about-us.html "CEO's Message Welcome, I am Justin Ryan, CEO of SpeakerPower. In 2018, I acquired SpeakerPower from its founder, Brian Oppegaard, upon his retirement. I am very excited to continue the growth and development of SpeakerPower. As an experienced executive in a variety of industries, and an MIT trained engineer, I know what it takes to develop exciting new products that satisfy the most demanding requirements of customers for their cutting edge products. With further investment in new products, I plan to build on SpeakerPower's 16 year track record of delivering high quality, powerful, efficient, and intelligent amplifiers. For OEM manufacturers in Professional and Home Theater markets, SpeakerPower provides the opportunity to have next-generation intelligent amplifiers in your self-powered loudspeaker line. Our complete turn-key approach means that it is as easy for you to install a SpeakerPower amplifier in your cabinet as a woofer, horn or compression driver. With our proven designs, you will be up and running quickly with minimal up-front investment. And our state-of-the-art digital signal processing and power technology will reinforce your image as a technological leader. With designs from 200 to 12,000 watts, we can meet your most critical needs. Users of SpeakerPower amplifiers enjoy high power and high efficiency, with intelligence designed to ensure continuous output in the most demanding applications. Our products are manufactured and supported right here in California. Our commitment to quality, technological acuity, and steadfast product support means your loudspeakers are powered with confidence. See what we can do for you today. Justin Ryan CEO"