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    The 1kv to ground sounds very weird as even if the heatsink was live on purpose you wouldn't expect 1kV to be generated anywhere in the amp. Mix of output transistors is a very bad idea as they won't share current effectively. On the plus side this is making me very certain I don't want one of these amps in my life
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    Any small issue with glue or primor can lead to failure. Its a bit tricky and takes precision. Hopefully Eminence can get those fixed for you
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    This is so annoying. I was just way too curious to see if I could improve the amp's performance by adding those components and now I caused 150$ damage again. Well, heres more random info on the PSU: when both amp stages are disconnected, the PSU hold over 200V for an hour. I used a light bulb to quickly drain it. When it's down to 0.1V, it takes about 10 seconds to climb back to 2V. I immediately connected the 230V light bulb after I powered the amp off, when the PSU was still at around 350V from positive to negative. It was a 30W light bulb or smth, it lit up brightly for a second and the light faded completely after some 20 seconds. Very convenient way when you're working on this kind of stuff.
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    Yes, it happened to me with B&C drivers . You will find my video on YouTube
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fUDVjQIgSk6yMSriJNTysL_wo4IN-vJ/view?usp=drive_web Surround isn't glued perfectly to the frame as I can decrease the noise by putting pressure between the outer roll and gasket. This is the worst out of four. Two are fine, one is very slight, and this one is noisy. The low frequency noise is clipping in the signal. Seems this was an issue with several drivers from other manufactures as well.
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