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    That skram is looking good @Tahoejmfc! I've been listening to my pair ... need to do some EQ'ing still and deciding whether to run the skrams with 2 ports plugged or wide open Here is John Wick 1's club seen peaks ... sealed subs are low passed at at 33 and skrams are high passed at 31 both at LR 48db/octs ... both skrams have all 4 ports open ... this is at -10 db reference with sub preout running 3.5 db hot vs all channels which are crossed at 80hz Anyone else crossing skrams with sealed for the ULF? LR or BW or any recommendations? Edit: I guess I should also add that these skrams are just stupid ridiculous and I'm pretty sure I could fit at least 1 or 2 more behind the screen ... Thank you Ricci!
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