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    Ad Astra. Might be worth a spin for the rumbly feeling.
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    And that's where I met you, Dave, over at HTguide. Wow, that was a LONG time ago. That place is still active and has some of the smartest and most level headed audio nerds. What a great place. Though the demographic there isn't exactly up the level of ...let's just call it 'desire' for SPL/extension bass. It's not the main focus but that's okay. Again, great people there. If on AVS were as civil. Well said. But ... times change. As you mentioned, things, people and trends change. We are a FAAARRR cry from the typical sub build of 15 years ago. Yer right! 25hz tuned 12's was the rage for a long time. Sealed subs were just for "music guys". Hell, I thought as much back then too. But I've always been a HT audio guy since ...forever so of course I'd think that. But to be fair, there were NOT drivers that are ANYTHING like what we have now and totally take for granted. You're lucky to get a driver with >12mm Xmax back then in any size or price. I love reminiscing about such things. Let's keep doing this. Yeah, a lot of people at AVS suck. I get it. I don't really have a problem with it but yeah, I notice. There are still good people there and like you mentioned, Dave... I hated the forum hopping. AVS has one thing that is desirable. Traffic. Lot's of it. That comes with a worse SNR though. That's what filters and proper gain structure is for... erm, ahem, I mean the ignore and subscription buttons.
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