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    I think it's really insulting and dismissive to automatically claim that the engineers that work on these releases are incompetent. I'm not saying that there aren't incompetent people in audio, as there most certainly are. But in many cases these guys are doing the job that was given to them. Look, as much as we might want to think otherwise, people with capable home theaters are NOT the vast majority of the buying public. HTIB and sound bars in a noisy living room rule the market. So they squash the heck out of the dynamics so those people don't complain about having to constantly adjust the volume. People with capable home theaters can't compete with those numbers, and to be brutally realistic we shouldn't have any expectation that they will. Right or wrong that's just the way it works. Don't misunderstand, I wish things were different too. I wish they didn't filter sub 20Hz material just so they can overcrank the midbass (looking at you Blade Runner 2049). But we have to be realistic at some point. Complain about the quality of the soundtrack all you want, but don't assume that it's automatically because of incompetent engineers.
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    Everybody"s input has been very helpful to me. To get an additional viewpoint, my long-awaited (not really a "long" wait) visit to Stereo Integrity happened last week. Nick met me in the parking lot & called me over to the back of his Jetta. He lifted up the hatch & showed me his new 15" SQL-15 he had mounted into a remarkably small box he bought for $20 for on Amazon. He had a 1000w amp driving the sub. He also had one of his mid-range woofers & tweeters on each door (he's now discontinued those speakers). He cranked up the volume & actually played some pipe organ music for me first. It was impressive. The vibrations from the extremely deep bass hit me hard in the chest (& everywhere else). Nick said one note was 16Hz. I believed him. It was very deep & loud. My poor wife was in the back seat & during the demo she told me her hair was blowing from the air being moved by the sub. It's not a big surprise. The Xmax on this driver is 28.4mm. That's not 38mm Xmax like his HST-15 mkII, but it's pretty damn good. Air was being moved - a lot of air. Anyway... after a long & enjoyable demo ( including every type of music) & me quizzing Nick about every bass topic I could think of, we began to say "Good-bye" - but even that took a few minutes. He's just a really nice guy. In addition, he was incredibly patient & knowledgable. Of course, I left knowing I would buy one of those babies. They won't be ready to ship until late December, but I'm in no hurry. Now I need more specific advice. I've decided to build a ported sub with ST's 15" SQL-15 driver. Nick recommended 1000w for the amplifier & I'm considering a Crown XLS 1002 with 1100w @ 4 ohms bridged. From SI's website: Ported = 3.75 ft^3 tuned to 29 Hz. I have a Mac & no easy access to a PC, so my access to speaker design software is limited. I found a limited web-based subwoofer design program, but I'd appreciate any feedback on the sketch I'm u ploading. I like the idea of a "pipe" port, but I have an open mind. How many braces should I add inside? All suggestions are welcome.
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