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    I'm taking off for the weekend to hang out with some friends. I'll be back Tuesday. A year ago, one of them brought his "PA system" to a get together. It was a pair of OLD 15 + a horn cabs with a tear in one of the cones, and the other one had a VC rub if you turned it up. He had that hooked to a rmx850 with 1-1/2 working channels run off of a old mackie mixer that looked like it made it through the Normandy landing (barely). Yesterday, I found out that he was definitely showing up this weekend. I asked him how often he uses his "PA" ? He said he used to all the time, they were his living room speakers till the amp decided it was a mono amp and the speakers are just junk. I decided he needed an upgrade. (we're hundreds of miles apart and only see each other a couple times a year) I thought about giving him the escort 5000, but he loves LOUD dubstep. I started going through the subs and speakers last night. 4 powered ported 18s with 4cuft boxes...4 bad amps. 1 unpowered one with a 8cuft box, super crispy VC. Little box drivers wouldn't work well in the big box. UGH Then I remembered I had a Ciare 18.00sw laying around that @Funk Audio had sent me when he hooked me up with a pile of awesome drivers. (THANKS NATHAN!!!!!, told u I'd find good homes for stuff) I was planning to use it to help me learn hornresp and design a horn with it, but he can put it to use for now. I'll have him swap the driver with something more appropriate later, a pa460 looks decent w/600w. He'll probably get it back in a horn down the road. WinISD said, meh, it will kinda work, and the ciare ended up in a Peavey box that sounds like it's gonna burst at the seams when I hooked it to a IPR2-7500 and cranked it up. I kinda felt like I was parking a Porsche in front of an apartment in the ghetto, but it's what I could make work in a night with stuff I had laying around. I found a couple working Peavey PVXp 15's right out of the box. And bam, he's got a mini system. Can't wait to see the look on his face. The look on his wife's face may be even better. LMAO
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