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    So I played Godzilla King of the Monsters tonight.... The bass SCARED me with how hard it was hitting so I made an executive decision. I went from this To this Was still stupid loud with lots of impact, but not red lighting the Crowns as bad. Also by reducing the boost I was likely drastically reducing the distortion as these drivers aren’t really meant to dig this low...in addition to reducing driver stress.... I will do some REW later so I can see how much I lost below 20hz This is what the Original settings provided (the tan line) *Note* This was at a volume of 50 on the AVR. Not sure what SPL that equates to.... I was listening to Godzilla at 70.... so I’m sure it was significantly higher SPL....
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    Fortunately, I know what my neighbors think about the bass. Nothing... Sometimes It's nice being in the middle of nowhere. Now if I could just get the pizza guy to drive all the way here... oh well. @dgage I love it, the previous and next week they probably had a little bluetooth speaker. Apparently they'd rather have that. I played the movie "9" for the 10yo nephews with the subs 16x 12's all the way up and mains down a bit. After it was over, one of them stood up and said, "That's what a movie is supposed to sound like! Why dosn't everyone do it like that?" I got a big grin. @Endersshadow , I think you're selling yourself a bit short. 12x 12's is about the same Sd as 3x 24's. But only the same Vd as 1x 24. You do realize you just said "only running 12x 12's" , right? LMAO this place will warp you... FYI everyone, feel free to post random or even pertinent stuff, don't worry about cluttering the thread up. It's all good.
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