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    I'm an update on this thread (found here) which mainly covers the Sonotubes. I will post my update from today since its a completion of one of the enclosures. The sonotubes are still a WIP and hope to wrap those up before it gets too cold (but waiting till its not to stupid hot out too).... **************************************************************************************************** Massive update from yesterday. Had a marathon day to complete the Organ Donor build and it is alive and kicking. I got up at 4:30 AM on Sunday morning, got in the car and drove to my buddys in Evansville. I arrived around 7:00 and we got to work quick. First things first we decided to remove MOST of the existing front baffle. We ended up leaving the sides mainly because we were scared of damaging the finish on the visible sides with the cutter. This worked good because it left the mounting screws for the original grill, and also ensured I have MORE than enough space for cone movement before it hits the grill. We decided the best size box was to leaving some space at the top (there are pieces connecting the existing panel together there we didnt want to screw with), and also leave the bottom (original plan was to remove that as well and drop the box to the floor). After those sizing adjustments we ended up with a box with these dimensions. I was shooting for a 6 cubic foot box but in all liklehood am closer to 5.0 (5.3 prior to drivers and bracing). Since its a sealed box and these JBL's aren't known for digging deep, I wont lose much down low, and I plan to EQ them with a shelf filter anyway. The box came along nicely as it wasnt as much a PITA as cutting 150 million baffles for the Sonotubes. Once it was all glued up and the glue set we did a test fit. We discovered our initial plan (the box goes up, rotates in) wouldnt work as the tolerance for the turn was too tight. This was done initially to save the rear horizontal piece that held part of the top grill on, and just looked quite nice. We ending up takign CONSIDERABLE time to remove it as carefully as we could, so it could be reattached later. The box fit like a glove, so tight in fact I will need to install nylon straps at the back to aid with removing the box if I need to work on it as it wont budge unless you pull it out JUST right lol... At this point (it was close to 2:30 PM) I left my buddys house and drove the 2 hours 45 min trip back to mine to continue working on the box. Rather than go with duratex, my buddy had some leftover black speaker box carpet, so in the interest of time I decided to use that instead. It went on fairly easily with spray adhesive and looks great. Plus the front grill isnt easily removed, so I wont be showing that off much if at all. I ended up installing the fabric on the front and back of the enclosure. I also sanded down the bottom of the Hammond PR cabinet and attached fabric there as there is a small portion that could be viewable with the grill on, and it also helps slide the box in. The sides and top currently have no fabric. I HAVE debated installing patches on the side of the Hammond cabinet for similar reasons to why I did it on the bottom of the box. I have extra so we will see. After installing it I did a test fit to ensure it would still fit. Tolerance at the top was tight to begin with so was concerned if I still could get it in. Much easier to man handle a box without 4 drivers weighing it down lol. Some of you may notice I didn't seal all the sections of the box. My OCD lead me to start, and in the interest of time I stopped. I made a few compromises and this is always something I can go back and do later if its even needed (likely not we used a TON of glue when building the box) The rear actually looks better than I thought it would. I was originally unsure if I should carpet or paint it (which would have happened at a later date). I'm glad I went with carpet just to get it done. I think it was around 10:30 pm before I had the box fully carpeted. Wiring the 4 drivers was a lot of "fun". 4 SVC 4 ohm drivers wired to a 4 ohm load. Lots of quick disconnects and fun. I wired and tested them to ensure the were all playing prior to screwing them into the cabinet. Easier to troubleshoot that way. Here is the wiring diagram I used to wire everything. Here is the final product, completed at around 1:00 am on Monday morning (the next day). Its currently missing the front grill which is mounted using screws from behind, so its a PITA to take off, so for now while I dial in EQ and whatnot I'm leaving it detached. It also needs some cleaning up which will be done in the next day or two. Whats left for me to do now is all based on some of the compromises I made yesterday just to get this up and running. I bought a bunch of REALLY nice connectors from David Gage of Deep Sea to use initially, but in order to get it up and running,I just used drywall screws for now. Since I have only a single 3/4" baffle I would have had to install blocking (8 pieces) on the back of the box for each drivers, meaning installing 32 pieces of blocking, then drilling, mounting hardware, etc. I can always do that at a later date. I also didnt have any speaker gasket, but with the carpet and a really tight fit I think the drivers will be OK for now. Also made a compromise on the speaker wiring. I bought really nice 14 gauge Furez speaker wire. The quick disconnects I got weren't super tight so I did a lot of extra crimping to make them work. Also since I needed to combine a few wire together and the disconnects were only rated for a single 14 gauge run, I ended up cutting a 1" section out about 2" above the disconnect and stripping that section, and then pairing the connected wire to it, then wrapped the whole portion with lots of electrical tape to keep it safe. At a later date I may go back in and solder those connections, I just didnt have the material for that on me. I also need to buy some pillows and stuff the box a bit. I'm aware of the data on how a box performs stuff v unstuffed on databass and that I may be giving up a bit of SPL to stuff it, but given that its literally less than 2 feet from my back, I am ok with that. All in all I'm super happy with how this box came out, and feel the few compromises I made were worth it to get this thing up and running. Hopefully today I can get it connected (have to pull out my rack and re-organize) and take some measurements and EQ it. Then I just need to wrap up my two Sonotubes, which we didnt even touch yesterday.
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