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    I have heard the TH-50 way back what must've been a decade ago now...It was quite powerful in the basement of the home that we demo'd it in. Ivan also brought a Danley CS-30 and a THspud from what I recall. The TH-50 uses a beastly 15" driver (MTX 9515-44) and it's a huge cab but it does deliver the goods. Since the thread is about the Skhorn perhaps we should move discussion to a build thread on the Microwrecker. LilMike is someone I've talked to for years and met before. He's a good guy and he lurks around here, so if you have questions don't hesitate to ask him.
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    At least get a friend to take a picture of your face when you push those things for the first time. At 25 Hz, you're doing better than the vast majority of cinemas and almost all pro sound systems in existence. Going lower will definitely make a big difference with *some* movies (maybe 1 in 3 action/scifi) and a subtle difference with many of the others. Because of room gain, you don't necessarily need a lot of output at the "tuning frequency" of a horn if it's below ~30 Hz. A lot depends on what the room is doing. Mine ramps up like crazy to 20 Hz. IIRC, I theoretically can do near 130 dB sine waves with my subs and without using a huge amount of power) A pair of MicroWreckers at 20 Hz full tilt probably could destroy my home. I guess you'll find out what you get with them in your room.
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