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    Hey Mark. Sure...I pointed out it is a 6th order variant the first time I posted about these a few years ago. Personally I refer to these as BPH's due to the large expanding slot section, where as a traditional vented 6th order would have a chamber and a port. These lack a traditional chamber or vent on one side of the cones but I don't really care what label is put on it. BP6/BPH etc...Results are what matter to me.
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    https://github.com/3ll3d00d/beqdesigner/releases/tag/0.5.2 contains some enhancements to the built in bass management sim which means you'll get a more accurate idea of whether it is going to clip or not after filtering & also lets you more easily see the impact of BEQ on the full track (via the spectrum comparison view). If anyone has any other suggestions for how to make this more useable then feel free to raise them (otherwise it's just whatever I think makes sense based on me using it to try out BEQ for tracks).
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