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    git clone git@github.com:3ll3d00d/beqdesigner.git cd beqdesigner git checkout 0.0.2-beta.2 python3 -m venv beq . beq/bin/activate pip install numpy colorcet scipy qtpy qtawesome pyqt5 matplotlib ffmpeg-python soundfile resampy cd src/main/python # you also need ffmpeg and libsndfile1 installed, e.g. sudo apt install ffmpeg libsndfile1 then open mpl.py in a text editor and change the following change for k, v in cc.cm_n.items(): to for k, v in cc.cm.items(): (this is due to some lib having an older version in pypi vs conda, it is fixed in next release) then python3 app.py and you should find it fires up I'll get round to packaging it properly for linux soon enough next release will properly support pre BM BEQ btw, will publish that tomorrow hopefully I run Debian Testing here and it seems ok, haven't tested it extensively though so let me know if problems, will get round to testing it properly on linux at some point. The same approach has also been used on the mac too btw.
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    There was a graph. Must have disappeared with the rest. I remember it graphed (and sounded/felt) well on my system. Thought the sound was pretty terrific actually. Nobody seems to like this movie though. I liked it well enough. Just wasn't the Prometheus sequel everyone wanted and expected.
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    I got myself a Powersoft K20 for these and tested them at full power for 20 hours,the amount of power and the stability that amp has is way way higher than what the clone or the Crown could ever dream off. I set the limiters and processing and I installed them in a small club for further long term tests. The deep end is imense. I have a pair of xoc1 TH18, we got 2 Vs 2 with their own processing and limiters on a K10 and the 2 large SKHorn got +10 dB on a 2 minutes average pink noise dBz and +18 dB at 30 Hz .
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    One of those looks quite a bit better as a subwoofer to me.
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