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    Unless It has changed recently that I don't know about, the Q in JRiver is actually slope on shelf filters, this was one of the reasons for Max posting it as slope as far as I know. I could be mistaken though if there has been a change but in all of my reading I have not read about one. I also use JRiver for BEQ and plug the Q values in as the slope values posted by Max.
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    I'll look at it. I enjoyed the film, but wasn't really impressed by the LF, much like Thor:Ragnarok. JSS
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    If you look at the average trace from the graph it appears that 20Hz is used often and with significant level.
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    Logan (DTS-HDMA 7.1) Level - 4 Stars (111.2dB Composite) Extension - 3 Stars (16Hz) Dynamics - 5 Stars (30.12dB) Execution - TBD Overall - TBD Notes: Terrific film, one of the best of the X-Men series, IMO. Could have dug deeper in extension, but really didn't have to as it was quite a compelling story. JSS
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    Thanks Mike. I must've gave everyone reading information overload. The sims with some of those drivers listed above look quite good to my eye. Vent compression at war volume is my main concern with it. Now I just need to get one built. I'm working on that 8hz horn Scott wants but for some reason I just can't get it to work while still fitting through a doorway. I don't understand what's going on. Might have to try my new, experimental, patent pending, rotary, quadratic, bi-phase, 10th order, sub-harmonic re-accumulator cabinet to get it to work right.