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    Me Soapbox I've expressed this previously in the thread at AVS, however I feel it's worthy of another reminder. A word about "The Pacific", Iwo Jima scene, etc.. ; I realize the entire point of this endeavor is determining the actual low frequency energy contained in various soundtracks etc., thus the empirical over the subjective. I must say that my wife and I found The Pacific to be a phenomenal film, in every possible way one could imagine. So much so, that I wouldn't want someone to just see a certain scene for it's LF characteristics. This film is so damn powerful in it's full context, yeah that's a big commitment time wise, but I highly recommend it. To merely see one episode, or one scene, man you're really doing yourself a dis-service. I just think the full weight and impact that's brought upon by hours of character development, would be lessened if experienced in a abbreviated version. It pulls you in, whether you're tearful, or cringing at the horror of conflict, or even feeling proudly patriot, it is impactful like few films I've ever experienced. Plus, it possesses a kick-ass soundtrack! I know FilmMixer had his hands in on this one, and I really dug it. Thanks Me Soapbox
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