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    Forgot to update this thread. Sub has been up and running for a while. Turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Subjectively I'd say it sounds better than my previous diy subs at the same spl. It can dig low enough but still has that impact that seems to be missing with some of the high excursion drivers. Good all around performer. Currently it is firing directly into a corner. I spun it around to get a pic. Sweep is at mlp with no eq other than the hpf bw12 @20hz. 6th smoothing. Pretty good response to start with before any eq. Thanks for all the help guys! Learning to take impedance tests has and will change all of my current and future builds.
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    This is the scene that tripped my breaker running hot using an IB!
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    Thanks for the in depth analysis of that scene. That is clearly a very nasty signal. In some ways it looks similar to the 10 tone spectral contamination signal I tried for a while except weighted heavily towards the low end. I quit using that test because it was hell on the drivers and amps both and didn't seem to offer much insight into the systems behavior other than the fact that they don't like it other than at very low volume. Will produce VERY quick heating of voice coils. I'd agree with the assessment as well. They likely captured the sound of a helicopter with very high quality gear and simply didn't have the playback equipment necessary to know just how strong the content is below 20Hz. The rest of the movie being mostly a non event below 30Hz seems to indicate so. Either that or they do keep tabs on what people like us say and thought "they want unfiltered bass, we'll give them unfiltered bass!" I ran this on my XXX system the first time I watched the movie and they didn't have an issue but the playback was about -10 which is typically about what I listen to. Might have to see what happens with a bit more level.
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    I have a request. Transformers 1. Megatron Blasts Jazz. You can see the ULF pulse. It won't be as hot as some of the others, though. Great Thread. JSS