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    Admittedly, I oversimplified the statement regarding equal peak height above. The relationship between the driver parameters and the box tune dictate the relative size of the two peaks. What matters most is that the peaks you're measuring are a decent match to what your simulation software is predicting. As far as the grille spacing? Yeah, make sure things won't hit. X-mech plus a few mm is a great start, I'd look at the thickness of nominal pieces of plywood or other scrap stock. Make sure the grille does not rattle. Foam weatherstrip and lots of screws.
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    I'd do xmech rating +2mm or something. You'd never ever hit that but you don't want to take that chance either.
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    Looks better screwed in and standing up. The trace has more wobble in it, but the impedance minimum came down to 21.27hz. And the lower peak is a bit higher and sharper. Also added a comparison between unscrewed laying down and the screwed standing up.
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    The lower peak substantially depends on the suspension compliance, which is probably the least accurate T/S parameter given and the most likely to change with break-in as well as temperature and humidity.
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    I think we should have a data-bass bake-off for the best cake. Please send all entries to me and I will make a definitive and concrete supposition of who will win this bake-off and therefore have the theoretical absolute best cake on the internets.