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    Hey buddeh! Unfortunately I don't have the capability for BEQ. I have to agree with you tho, Max brought over his demo disc of BEQ'd stuff when I had my last g2g and it was unbelievable the difference that BEQ can make. Just astounding.
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    Finally going to make a post here! Especially now that I have good pictures taken of the updated configuration. Speakers: The Elusive 1099s for the Left, Center, and Right speakers. Two Dual Opposed Dayton RSS460HO 18" subwoofers in 8 cubic foot enclosures each. (Two drivers per cabinet, of course.) Two Othorn Tapped Horn enclosures with B&C 21SW152-4 21" drivers The Dual JBL 2242H drivers in the 4 cubic foot enclosures have been disconnected since the Othorns moved in. Voit-10 LX Coaxials in ported enclosures - Side Rear Surrounds. Volt-6 Coaxials in ported angled enclosures - Rear Back Surrounds. KEF HTS3001 Coaxials for Atmos - Top Front and Top Rear Surrounds Primary Components: (As shown in the picture) Onkyo TX-NR5007 - Soon to have a Marantz AV7703 in its place. IOGEAR 8x1 HDMI switch Behringer DCX2496 - Left, Right, and LFE channels. Behringer DEQ2496 - Side Surround channels Behringer DCX2496 - Center channel Tripp-Lite PDU - L5-30R input. Behringer NU4-6000 - Top Front and Top Rear channels Behringer NU4-6000 - Rear Side and Rear Back channels QSC PLX2502 - Right Othorn - LFE (24Hz ~ 120Hz) QSC PLX2402 - Left Othorn - LFE (24Hz ~ 120Hz) Peavey IPR2 5000 - Two Dual Opposed Dayton subwoofers - LFE (1Hz ~ 30Hz - Infrasonic duty) Crest Audio CC2800 - Center channel Crest Audio CC4000 - Left and Right channels. The next steps I would love to take is enhance the infrasonic output of my system. The JBL 2242H drivers will need to be sold off or stored away to eventually make room for either more dual opposed 18" configuration or even 21" configuration. Chances are more likely I want to add in quad 21's to go with the current 18s, as those will be the biggest I can go and still fit in place. We'll see. For now I can't budget for more than simply adding two more 18s in the place of the JBLs to help give a slight boost to the overall output, which I may as well hold off and wait for a big upgrade next. The Othorns by theirselves were a huge upgrade, I had planned on upgrading the amps for them but I don't feel as rushed to do so. With how well they currently perform under the 2400 / 2500 watt QSC amps I am running them off of. The Othorns are certainly a favorite of mine already.
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